Little India in Georgetown, the capital city of Penang Malaysia, is located in the center of the Penang Heritage Area. Little India, which includes Lebuh Pasar, Ratu Lebuh, and Lebuh Chulia, is an exciting place to visit in Penang Malaysia. You will find the unique sights and sounds of Little India in Penang Malaysia that are very worth visiting with using a causeway link.

The Little India region was planned at the beginning of Penang’s establishment by Sir Francis Light. That is why currently the Little India region is sometimes referred to as Francis Light Grid. For years Indian traders gathered in Little India by bringing along their communities and their shops. These merchants in Little India will live above their shophouses. Some of them still do it today. Indians heading to rubber plantations in Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia often stop here in Penang, Malaysia. Some decided to make Little India their home. This gradually leads to the establishment of an Indian community here in Penang sentral.

As you walk along Little India in Penang, you will be greeted by Bollywood voices and traditional Indian music that roars from the loudspeakers of the shops. Here you can find shops that sell traditional Indian fabrics and jewelry ranging from sari to cotton and silk. You will see the streets roll in with people walking around them and one or two tourists riding a rickshaw enjoying the view of Little India like you. The presence of money changers, especially along Lebuh Chulia, will make it more convenient for you to convert your currency when you plan to shop.

If you are looking for traditional Indian food, you are indeed lucky. Stalls and restaurants here offer a variety of mouth-watering Indian dishes such as Nasi Kandar, Nasi Briyani, Tandoori Chicken and various mutton, chicken, and vegetarian curries served in fragrant banana leaves. Little India is famous throughout Penang because of South Indian and Mamak cuisine.

Little India is also home to magnificent buildings and places of worship in Penang Malaysia. The two-story old houses here are beautiful examples of British colonial design that blend into Peranakan-style architecture, giving them a simple, old-world look. The intricately designed Little India window shades, facades and shop doors will captivate your eyes.

You can find the oldest Indian temple in Penang here in Little India. The Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Lebuh Queen was built in 1883 with the design of traditional southern Indian architecture. Inside this grand temple, you can see amazing statues and statues of various Hindu deities. During the Thaipusam celebration in Penang, people will begin the procession of their entire island from this temple. The statue of one of the gods in this temple, the figure of God-encrusted Subramaniam, will be put on a golden train and carried through the Thaipusam procession.

When you end the tour in Little India, you will be out of breath but not yet happy with the colorful sights and sounds that you find in this part of Penang. It’s not surprising if you use all of your camera’s memory space from photographing all these fantastic photos to show to people at home about the charm and beauty of Little India in Penang. For more information, please contact cs travel.

The Charms of Little India Penang