The BumbleBee Smart Store - why does you kid need a Busy Buard so much?

The ideal toy for a young child should be safe and develop all the basic skills and abilities that may be useful in the future. Despite the wide range of options available to the customer, there are not a lot of truly worthy ones. A really stand out variant for children in the age group up to 7 years is a Busy Board, so called Sensory Wall. This is a great option which is perfect for both boys and girls. These educational toys are able to attract children to independent and even group games for a long time. An important fact and distinctive feature of such toys is that they are definitely not dangerous to health, environmentally friendly and durable.

In the BumbleBee Smart online shop you can find the ideal, modern and useful for children toys of different colours and sizes. A wide range of models in a wide price range, allows you to choose the most appropriate one based on its price and quality factors.


Benefits for children by playing with the Sensory wall

Children are very active. They enjoy spending the day by doing everything possible. The Activity board includes various elements for developing many skills among which:

  • Logic;
  • Motor skills;
  • Creative thinking, etc.

The toy is made in such a way that it is possible to play it both while sitting and standing. Each child in the family will play with it and feels comfortable despite its' gender.

The details of the Sensory Wall are made of wood, they are pleasant to the touch and have quality shapes. You may not be worry of your kid getting harmed by the splinter, these toys are perfectly and carefully made on the own manufacture of the BumbleBee.


The toy teaches children how to use mechanical elements, how simple mechanisms work, etc. The details placed on the board are painted in different colours, with a special resistant, non-toxic paint. Such a toy will be a great option for the youngest children up to 7 years. Several children can play the activity board toy at the same time.

Purchase of the Sensory wall

The products are made for children of different ages, but the educational elements of different difficulty are equally placed on each of the walls. The products can be made according to individual orders. The design of the product may allow for the installation of additional parts to increase the variety of play opportunities. Each of the toys is made only from natural materials. At the BumbleBee Smart online store it is possible to purchase all models manufactured by the company. Delivery of the purchased toy is provided for the convenience of customers.