How Cannabis Can Interact with Your Mental Health Medication

In spite of many uses of Cannabis as a medicine, marijuana law has not yet come out of its grey area. So far, no death has been recorded due to the use of marijuana, yet it is considered that it may dangerously interact with a patient, if it is prescribed as a mental health medication.

Without going into the details about the potential reactions of using cannabis with other pharmaceuticals, first we need to understand what is there in cannabis. Every variety of marijuana can contain hundreds of compounds, and quite a few of them are medicinal too. The most important medicinal ingredients in the cannabis are compounds, which is called cannabinoids, with CBD and THC that are most abundant ingredients. Whether marijuana is psychoactive or non-psychoactive, it comes in a number of varieties; hence its cause and effect have to be very carefully monitored.

Marijuana effect on our mental health

For most of the patients, marijuana can be relatively safer and one can be more relaxed, happier and less stressed. However, there can be few adverse effects on our mental health by its use. Some people can be more vulnerable while others may not. Few may experience negative effects due to higher dose of marijuana, particularly those having a personal or history in the family with mental disease. In few cases, one may feel sedated while consuming cannabis with a sedative.

Doctors may prescribe medication for a number of mental issues for providing relief from their unpleasant symptoms that any patient may be feeling. Continuing marijuana and antidepressants or with any other prescribed medications can cause unpredictable reactions, that may worsen condition of any patient. Due to this reason, any pharmaceutical drugs should not be taken along with cannabis for a safer or more enjoyable experience. This is the reason why Cannabis is still not recognized as a medicine.

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