5 Diet Tips for Surviving Holiday Parties

Holidays can really ruin your fitness and spoil your diet as holiday parties are usually about indulging in foods and drinks. No wonder most people put on some pounds due to the overindulging in eating and drinking. However, you can escape the adding of weight and other holiday party issues by using the following tips:

1.     Plan ahead of the parties

You should really have a good plan of what you will eat before a big party or celebration –be it a day to the event or earlier on the day. You could have a lighter lunch or a good breakfast to ensure you are not so hungry and end up eating loads of foods at the party. It is also advisable to have plenty of fruits and vegetables as they will make you feel fuller hence take less food and they are also known to be some healthy choices any day.

2.     Avoid loitering close to the buffet

You can cut on the food you eat in those parties by keeping your distance from the food. Just take a walk or be away from the kitchen or the buffet and this will minimize the mindless filling up of your tummy which eventually adds up to a lot of calories. Also, engaging in other activities like games will help distract or keep your mind off food.

3.     Put in some extra workouts

Although the holiday times are for having a laid-back schedule or for relaxing a lot and you can justify skipping workouts, consider doing something extra. Keeping your workouts consistent or adding to your schedule an extra workout could be what you need to keep fit and adhere to your health goals. You should take even some simple activities like walking which can help to torch away an extra 100 -150 calories which can be helpful to avoid adding on some extra weight during the holidays. Also .engaging in workouts will engage you to avoid indulging in food and drinks both of which add you some extra weight.

4.     Bring healthy gifts to the parties

It is a good habit to take some gifts to your hosts during holiday events. It would be greater if you chose some healthy foods or appetizers as gifts and besides showing you as a good visitor or guest, the host could end up serving you some of those things cutting on their most likely not-so-healthy foods or drinks. Some good picks for such gifts include hummus with red and green pepper, hard cheeses, a plateful of berries and grapes, shrimp cocktail and many others.

5.     Have only a bite

It may prove hard or appear ill-mannered to pass those holiday treats like cookies, pies and many other delicacies.Instead you can just have a smaller slice or just take a bite. Doing that will give you the much-needed satisfaction, do away with any craving and have you enjoy so much as the first bite or gulp is always tastier and enjoyable than the subsequent ones.

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