How Bloomington Addicts Can Avoid Relapse in the Workplace

The rehab in Bloomington knows that social and vocational environments and situations can often be where triggers are present. These can sometimes be expected depending on the setting you will find yourself, or may show up surprisingly. Depending on your job, you could have contact with many different types of settings, people, and situations like divorce . Having ways to cope or deal with these can be crucial to continuing your sobriety. People in recovery in Bloomington, Illinois are finding the right ways to stay sober while at work.

Coping tools you have obtained from past treatment can do wonders for handling tempting or triggering situations. Be sure to apply these in any difficulties you run into. If you have not been to formal treatment, you can always use AA or NA meetings or your sponsor as well if these apply to you. Here are some tips you can use at the time when these situations occur if you do not know what to do. Image result for How Bloomington Addicts Can Avoid Relapse in the Workplace

6 Tips for Avoiding Relapse in the Workplace

  1. If your job brings you into contact with your substance of choice regularly, think about seeing if you can find another position in the company. If this is not possible and coming into contact with your drug of choice is unavoidable, think about switching jobs altogether. If your job is bringing you this close to your drug of choice regularly, it is not conducive to your sobriety.
  2. If you find yourself near your drug of choice, walk away.
  3. Create a list of the negative and worst aspects of your actions during the time you were using. This can be referred to later on to deter you from wanting to use.
  4. Have support numbers in your phone to call if you need to. This could include your sponsor , family members, friends or fellow individuals in recovery. This way if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you have help to reach out to that you can confide in.
  5. During company parties or events where your drug of choice is present, if you find yourself wanting to use it, leave the event. Staying at the event or party is not worth the risk at this point. Remember, your sobriety is the most important thing to take care of.
  6. Find a fellow co-worker that does not use or drink, and associate with them. If you are at a company event or party, look for someone else who is staying sober. Associate with them so you are not alone.
  7. Avoid company events or parties altogether if need be. If you feel you are continually tempted or in a difficult situation at these, do not attend them at all.

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol in Bloomington, Illinois, let us assist you in finding treatment. We know it can be a difficult situation to find the right treatment to fit what is needed. Every person is different when it comes to addiction treatment, and it is important to find a center that will address all aspects of the individual’s addiction. Our advisors are skilled and knowledgeable in finding the right treatment center for the individual. Give us a call today so we can help you find the best private inpatient rehab center for you or your loved one.


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