A Single Hair Transplant Session for Achieving the Best Cosmetic Outcomes

A large hair transplant session is what that offers a large number of follicular units in a single session and of course, the sufficient technique would be the FUT or a follicular unit transplant. The follicular unit transplant offers the desirable number of grafts/follicular unit via the strip excision that contains a number of grafts. The strip is harvested from the safe donor area of the scalp that contains DHT-resistant hair roots, which never shows the effect of miniaturization or hair loss. The plus benefits of the FUT technique is that it only offers the permanent grafts/hair roots that retain the characteristics of resistivity to lose even after the transplantation and behaves like a normal hair root that grows, takes length, color, texture and life like a normal hair root of the safe donor area.

The motto behind performing the FUT hair transplant is to achieve the desired cosmetic benefits of the procedure as according to the available donor area’s strength as well as the present grade of hair loss/baldness. The aim behind performing the surgery is just not limited to extract a greater number of follicular units but also extended up to the checking measure of the admissible number of graft extraction in the context of the patient’s donor reserve.

In the context of modern days’ cosmetic surgery, the hair restoration service is practicing across all over the world, but people/patients have a positive attitude towards the medical tourism in India because the same treatment could be taken at an affordable price with the best cosmetic results. The capital cities like Jaipur & Delhi weigh the importance of expert Surgeon availability at very reasonable fees, whereas the hair transplant in Pune , Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai is a very costly decision.

Advantages of Large Hair Transplant Session:

  • The Accomplishment of a Cosmetic goal of the Surgery: To fulfill the aesthetic goal of the surgery, it is necessary to distribute the grafts/follicular unit is such a proportion that matched with the patient’s total donor reserves and available bald area of the scalp along with a fuller coverage. A large session of FUT offers you a large number of follicular units that is quite sufficient to give the densely-packed hair transplant if a patient possesses a healthy donor area of the scalp.
  • A Feasible distribution is admissible: To achieve the best cosmetic goal of the surgery, it is quite possible to achieve the feasible distribution of grafts by identifying the strength of donor reserves in accordance with the present state of hair loss. An expert surgeon performs the procedure followed by a healthy assessment regarding scalp condition and patient’s physical and anatomical health.
  • It is Possible to use the virgin Donor Area: The large hair transplant session facilitates the option of extracting the greatest amount of follicular units via the FUT technique in a single time that is implanted to achieve the greatest coverage in a very single session makes the chance of using the virgin donor area. The virgin donor area is what that is used in a very first time and fulfilled the desired coverage area in a single session as the procedure is decided only when the patient meets the criteria for receiving the procedure.


In the nutshell, we can say that the FUT technique is the best decision for receiving the hair restoration surgery that always meets the cosmetic goal of the procedure by providing a desirable number of grafts via the strip harvesting process of hair root extraction.

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