Shungite harmonizers how to use?

Shungite harmonizers how to use

We all need to harmonize and balance our personal space, and are also great for practicing meditation and healing the spirit. In this way, you can balance your own energy flows, as well as achieve success in harmony. 22xNzY4W7xY-5DE8VQ7gC7XvB68gTwo opposite energy poles, Yin - in the form of a shungite stone and also with the help of Tulikivi, perfectly combine with each other and balance the biofield, have a comprehensive therapeutic effect.

People who regularly used shungite stones, felt a surge of strength and energy, improved productivity. Most people who were constantly engaged in the use of shungite stones have now significantly improved their own financial situation, as well as kept their body and soul in extraordinary harmony.

How can I use harmonizers

The main issue is the following shungite harmonizers how to use it is solved quite simply. The set of harmonizers consists of a shiny polished cylinder-shungite and brown stone-steatite. JHjvvUpwmwdL8The ideal set for harmonization consists of shungite stone, which serves for full-fledged meditation and healing, as well as steatite or soapstone. Even since the ancient era of the Egyptians, shungites are actively used to correct any, the most complex energy imbalances, during the implementation of rearrangements within the body, as well as to fully restore the vitality of your body.zwBxHE5ZjdS1Ktv0w_DXk4mMTmGgDRB0P Also, it has long been known that thanks to the active use of shungite stone, you can increase your concentration, harmonize your emotional background, reduce the impact of stressful situations, and minimize the feeling of discomfort.

Two perfectly matched harmonizers perfectly complement each other. The shungite cylinder is about 10 cm long and is located in the left hand, while the steatite rod, made of soapstone, combines male solar energy and is located in the right hand. Two sources of energy in two different hands gradually flow into each other and complement them. Now you get a bright charge of positive emotions, you concentrate your attention. Thus, you can restore your attention and concentration for 15 minutes 3 times a day, you can reach new heights of harmony and get a positive attitude!

It is very difficult to overestimate the impact of shungite on any person, it reliably protects against the effects of electro-magnetic radiation, as well as blocks the impact of negative energy, kills all kinds of viruses and microorganisms, and its only source is located in faraway Karelia. Shungite guarantees you the return of a good mood, and also has a General strengthening effect on all human organ systems!