Be it for the need to just look better or feel better or get that doctor prescribed weight, So many people are trying to get that extra weight off and pharmaceuticals have made it into a very profitable genre of trade. But how do you lose weight?


Weight loss diet involves sacrificing what unhealthy parts of your everyday meals and replacing them with a substitute of healthier foods.

Replace your artificial sweeteners with stevia, honey or any other natural sugar additives. Replace high cab diets with low cab diets. Cabs tend to mainly go into storage for the body and are responsible for that extra weight. Replace your breads and cheese and any high cab item with whole grain foods and vegetables and fruit.

There is a trick, fill up with vegetables and fruit – you can never have too many- to replace the cravings for other unhealthy food.

Another trick of the dieting phase is to drink loads of water continuously during the day water intake can greatly cut some kilos off your weight.

Have a cheat day every couple of weeks where you can indulge in your favorite meal. Think of it as a reward for being disciplined with your diet. Remember if any of it remains, throw it out and begin your diet again.


Move! Get up and get started with the most insignificant movement to a work out to a run. However small the effort it makes very significant changes.

There’s a trick to this as well, start small; don’t rush your body from no exercise to a thirty minute run. Start small, take a walk leisurely to get your heart rate up and slowly elevate your body into a machine that can push itself further.

Another trick is to fit small work outs and exercise into your everyday routine. Encourage yourself to be fun and active. Take the stairs instead of the lift, just keep your body in continuous motion and you will slowly be very fit and so much weight will be shed.

Also add some yoga poses into your pre exercise stretches they really help in flexibility and circulation.

Remember to be kind to yourself and do not overthink the weight loss. Be super simple with the process, in order to make it a lifestyle and not just a temporary experience. Stressing out can also add some kilos. If you want to lose the weight, don’t be too obsessed over the small details, just keep trying.

Push your body past its comfort but remember to listen to it when it asks you to slow down to avoid fatigue. And once the body is used to exercise your metabolism gets high and your need for more food becomes an issue which beats the purpose. To avoid this just take small consistent and continuous steps.

Discipline your body and your mind . Will power comes in handy. Have people you are accountable to. Don’t measure your weight too often because sometimes very close measurements may not have the desired results. Take body measurements and maybe a weight check every couple of weeks. Check your weight in the morning before eating it can encourage you to keep going.

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