Best wireless radio systems

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Wireless mics are an indispensable solution in a live use environment. They allow the user to avoid being tied to cables and maintain high audio quality. The main areas of application are concert activities, lectures and seminars, and all that is where the high mobility of the person who sings and speaks is important. Further we will give some examples of relevant and popular radio system solutions.

Sennheiser EW 135

This tool provides musicians and amateurs with convenient functionality, reliable signal transmission, high audio quality. The SKM 100 G2 is a recognized standard in concert vocal mics. Super cardioid directivity prevents the penetration of off-axis sounds and the occurrence of feedback. It also has high strength and reliable body, pneumatic system of protection against mechanical stress.

The EM 100 G2 receiver is a digital radio system operating at 1,440 tunable UHF frequencies. Thanks to its high output power, it offers users reliable signal transmission and huge range. It is equipped with a liquid crystal screen, two-color indicators reflecting the state of charge of the battery. Frequency synchronization of the receiver and transmitter can be done through the infrared port.

Аudio-Technica System 10 Pro

Along with other devices in the System 10 line, this new product is developed for rack mounting. According to the developers, System 10 Pro allows the user to achieve the totally natural and pure sound quality, is marked by ease of use and ease of installation. The creators notes that System 10 Pro can be used in educational institutions, churches, during presentations and in other similar tasks. The system has 1-2 receiver modules with a bracket, receiver chassis, belt and manual transmitters. A pair of lavalier mics may also be included.

Shure BLX288EPG58

This is the system that combines professional sound, simple settings and interface. The kit includes a dual-channel receiver BLX88, two ultra-popular handheld mics PG58 transmitter BLX2 and additional devices. The system can work with up to 12 devices in one frequency range, it is characterized by microprocessor control of the separation of the integrated antenna, has a QuickScan touch frequency selection function.

Shure PGX24EPG58

UHF dual-antenna multi-frequency diversification radio system with automatic frequency synchronization and SHURE PGX2PG58 hand-held radio microphone. The kit includes a PG58 microphone cartridge, a PGX2 hand-held transmitter, and a PGX4 dual-antenna diversification receiver. This is a simple, compact and high-quality solution for transferring the main vocals and backing vocals on stage. System configuration is possible in automatic mode via infrared. The equipment is characterized by compact dimensions, a wide range of work, a reliable case and high build quality.


As you can see, radio systems typically include popular microphone models that provide high quality sound. If you give preference to the equipment of leading manufacturers, you can count on filling all the necessary user tasks. Types of kits can be very different with this.