2021 True/False Film Festival

The much-anticipated True/False Festival will be hosted from the 5th to the 9th of May this year at Stephens Lake Park. This outdoor festival will allow for a continuation of the tradition of celebrating ground-breaking non-fiction films, music, and art while remaining respectful of the circumstances we currently find ourselves in.

Film enthusiasts are encouraged to attend and share in the storytelling experience which is, after all, given depth and meaning in its conversation with other stories and creative efforts. The ultimate goal is to create a haven or refuge of sorts, for inspired individuals to come together and transform the space into something truly spectacular; a melting pot of creative energy and a birthing place of revolutionary work – even if only for a brief moment.

Core Values

What gives this festival its unique sense of meaning, magic and magnetism is its core values. The first being integrity, the True/False Film Festival Prides itself on its transparent conduct, fair judgement, and a culture of accountability.

Their second value is inclusivity. The history of the greater artistic world is one that falls short when it comes to representation. This has bred a certain sense of elitism. It is their mandate to celebrate the diversity of the artistic community in a way that bolsters co-creation, empathy and mutual respect and appreciation.

The third, and truly unique pillar, of the festival is playfulness. We often forget how important it is to connect to the inner child we all have inside of us, the one we tell to be quiet and sit still. At the True/False Film Festival you are allowed to let them run free – screaming, laughing, crying, and embracing that youthful sense of curiosity and uninhibited self-expression that we seem to have forgotten.

Lastly, this festival aims to be as sustainable as they possibly can. In an attempt to raise awareness around issues of climate change and promote environmentally-friendly habits, they are sure to support eco-friendly vendors while also shining the spotlight on creative talents that clearly demonstrate an allegiance to the sustainability movement.

Most Anticipated Screenings

All Light, Everywhere – This unorthodox exploration of surveillance culture, racial injustice, and policing is the embodiment of Theo Anthony’s mission to reinvent the essay film. It has scored an impressive 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

No Kings – The debut film of Emilia Mello has been described as ‘gauzy’ and ‘sensuous’ in its exploration of an isolated fishermen’s’ village on the coast of Brazil. Told through the perspectives of a fearless young girl and an anxious captain, you do not want to miss the opportunity to explore the intimate intricacies of Caicara. The film is as entertaining and immersive as the games you’ll find at the slotscanada.net has to offer.

Dirty Feathers – Carlos Alfonso Corral’s debut film is a moving recognition of the plight of the homeless living on the fringe of El Paso. In particular, it focusses on those who have been pushed to the furthest edges of the margins, often due to struggles with addiction and mental health. This work gives voice to the voiceless while ensuring that the message is loud, unforgettable, and emotive.