Keep Your Skin Glowing All Year

Let us face it, when our skin looks good, we feel good. So, when Mother Nature decides to expose it to extreme heat in the summer or the icy cold breeze of winter, we need to know how to intervene. To prevent our skin from drying out and becoming dull, we need to re-evaluate our skincare routine to determine what is lacking.

The biggest culprit is dryness brought on by sun exposure or excessive heater use, we are all guilty of this. So, to keep our skin in tip-top shape, here are a few simple changes that can be made to save our skin throughout the year to help achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy glow.

5 Tips For Glowing Skin

1. Assess and check-in
Make the time to check in with your skin. This is an opportunity to determine what your skin needs to stay healthy and beautiful. To assist this process, knowing your skin tip will make the world of difference and help you select the correct product. If you have dry skin, it implies a lack of oil and finding ways to restore the moisture should be your first step, while dehydration lacks water and that needs to be replaced. Knowing what skin type you have and the way to remedy any conditions is a skill worth having.

2. Sunscreen is your friend
UV rays are not skin-friendly and cause all sorts of damage to your skin. Adding sunscreen to your morning skincare routine will help to protect your skin. This is not only limited to the spring or summer, but UV rays are also always present and as such you need to mitigate the risks associated with exposure. Although some makeups contain SPF, it is not strong enough to provide full protection.

3. Exfoliation is important
Dull and flaky skin occurs when dead skin accumulates on the surface. By using an exfoliator, you can get rid of these dead skin cells and refresh the sin below. Be sure to nourish your newly exposed skin with a hydrating face oil or moisturiser to ensure that your skin stays hydrated.

4. Water is the source of all life
Staying hydrated is important, so be sure to start on the inside and work your way out. Drink sufficient water throughout the day, even when you play games at , add water-rich foods to your diet and find ways to spruce up your favourite drinks. You should also apply moisturising creams to your skin to ensure that it stays hydrated and elastic.

5. Get up and move
Get your blood pumping by moving around. Exercise also helps to tone our bodies and release endorphins. Finding ways to exercise regularly can do wonders. Start with something simple like daily walks around the block or climbing the stairs instead of using an elevator.

Any way you look at it, the health of our skin relies on our dedication to leading a healthier lifestyle. You get what you give.