The most popular type of a grill and places to install thats

The most popular type of a grill is, of course, gas, but a pellet one is also gaining popularity. Cooking creates a unique aroma when pellets are burning. Let's start with the gas grill. There are 2 types of gas grill connection - to a gas line and to a gas tank. The gas line for connection is a serious project that requires getting a permit and a license for a contractor  to carry out.

Accordingly, the place  for equipment installation should be predetermined by the project. It is logical if it is a specially allocated area with a gazebo and a summer kitchen in the shade of a garden. Connecting to a gas tank makes you more mobile - you can install the grill anywhere in your area. If you have an equipped place, the grill will magically fit in there. Similarly for a pellet grill, you can install it both in a pre-equipped place, and in any other.

Nevertheless, it is desirable to consider the location of the grill far before its purchase, at the time of designing the barbecue area, if there is one in your project. If you want a  grill after the site is planned, you can install  it in the following common  places:

1. By your gazebo

Gazebo on your site is a place where family and friends often gather and spend time together. A steak with vegetables cooked there will be a great addition. Also, the smell of cooking will not leave anyone calm. It is logical in this case to connect to the gas tank and at the end of the season just put the grill in the garage.

2. By your  pergola.

Similarly, the pergola attracts family and friends for pleasant conversation and dining.

3.Under the cover on the deck by your house

Great installation option. In our opinion, it is necessary to maintain a safe distance from the wall of the house. Can be connected both to a tank and  to a gas line. After cooking, the grill can be covered or taken away to the garage.

4.On the porch.

To do this, you should not have a very small porch, and in this case, the place can only be used for cooking, since it is not enough for eating. The grill should be moved out at the end of use. Keep a safe distance from the walls of  your house.

5.Just in the backyard, where you can put the grill and tables..

One of the most popular options. The grill is where the fun is. I'm sure this option for spending time with family and friends will be appreciated. Great to use the connection to a gas tank, we recommend supervising small children so that they are at a safe distance from hot things. The text above describes the main installation locations for gas and pellet grills, as well as the details of their connection.