Hair transplant had transformed life of millions all over the world. People are going from bald to beautiful by visiting a hair transplant clinic. The latest hair transplant procedures like Follicular Unit transplant and Follicular unit extraction are highly successful in giving a natural looking hair to balding patients. In most of the cases, because it is in the hands of an expert cosmetic surgeon, the new hair look is even better than what the patients had in the prime of their youth.

India is one of the famous medical tourism destination for hair transplantation. Here you will find affordable hair transplant cost in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore.

Best Hair transplant results:-

For giving best Hair Transplant results, the cosmetic surgeon had to be a technician as well as an good artist to know what kind of hair growth will look best on the patient. The surgeon had to imagine how the natural hairline of the patient look before he/she went bald. The hair transplant surgeon must make sure the following:-

Select DHT resistant donor hair sites

  1. Ensure uniform density of hair transplant
  2. Apply least invasive and scarring treatment method
  3. Natural orientation of transplanted hair to avoid doll hair
  4. Not lose hair follicles during dissection or extraction
  5. Create natural looking hairlines for conscious patients.

There are many causes of hair loss in men as well as women, including disease, hormone imbalance & stress. The most common cause is called androgenetic alopecia. Alopecia is simply the medical term for hair loss. Androgenetic refers to that both genetic predispositions to balding and the influence of androgens or male hormones, play a part in this type of hair loss of critical patient.

Almost every day, we lose around one hundred hairs of individuals. Maybe this sounds like very heavy thing, but there is no reason to worry, because we also know that many hairs grow back every day. If clumps of hair frequently get stuck in the hair brush or if your drain is always blocked with hair after you taking of shower, this is a typical sign of hair loss resulting baldness. Countless shampoos and cosmetic synthetic products promise to help, but these have a temporary effect at best, which only slows down hair loss but donot stop it. Whether they have a strongly receding hairline, lightly balding or completely bald patches but many of those affected suffer greatly from hair loss. In many cases we see that a hair transplant can be an effective and permanent treatment method.

Modern Hair Transplant is around 49 years old. World over, the hair transplant market grew by leaps and bounds with growing demand due to increasing baldness is just because of changing lifestyles, food habits and growing disposable incomes. This quantum shift occurred some 12 years ago. One hair transplant operation takes 5 to 8 hours depending on the number of grafts transplanted. Since the procedure is done under local anaesthesia the patient can listen light music and have cofee while the operation is being done.

New plastic surgery can now offer bald men or women a safe, natural and permanent solution to this problem which can be done by done by hair transplant surgery. In this operation hairs are harvested from the back of the patients head and grafted on to the bald area in the front and top. A strip of skin less than an inch in width which is used to prepare lakh of mini (containing 1.5 to 3.5 hairs) and micro grafts (containing only 1 or 2 hair). Now these grafts are transplanted into very small holes in the bald area created by a fine needle. Hundreds to thousands of these grafts are used depending on the density of baldness to be covered. Since the whole procedure requires very fine manoeuvres the operation is done under microscope magnification.


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