Things You Should Know About Hair Loss

According to various studies, 25% of men will start losing hair when they reach third decade. It is important to mention that things are not hopeless. At the same time, it can be frustrating to lose hair, and that is the main reason for low self-esteem among males.

Hair loss is not the same thing as going bold. However, you probably did not know that. There are numerous ways to fight hair loss such as choosing Rogaine foam or liquid, or natural remedies that will help you along the way.

We will present you things you should understand about hair loss:

Is Losing It Same As Going Bald?

Even though it sounds silly in the first moment, after comprehensive thinking, you will understand that hair loss is not the same thing as becoming bald. The pattern hair loss is a genetic issue, and numerous factors can cause it.

If you randomly lose patches of strand that, you have a condition, which is not the same as going bald. It is called alopecia, and it is a problem that can strike your entire body. It happens due to autoimmune reasons and heraldry factors, but it is not similar as pattern baldness.

In case that hair loss comes in a receding pattern that starts from crown and temples of the head then you have pattern baldness. However, you should understand that most men will go bald after a while, which is not something you should be embarrassed about.

Hair loss among males will start at one point during the twenties, and it will take approximately 15 to 30 years to go completely bald. However, some people will lose hair in less than ten years, and it is impossible to say what will happen because it depends from individual to individual.

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Is Hair Loss Genetic Condition?

If you notice the process of male pattern baldness and you started losing your strands since the body is sensitive to testosterone and other sex hormones. The amount of baldness that you will achieve depends on hereditary process and other factors too.

You can easily start balding due to surgical procedures, illness, stressful circumstances or scalp infections. However, if you have any this condition, have in mind that it won’t be a permanent thing.

Can Sexual Frustration And Emotional Stress Cause Baldness?

When it comes to hair loss, it is important to understand that it is associated with stress, but in most cases, male pattern baldness depends on your genes and it won’t depend on other factors.

If you notice that it falls out at unpredictable times or in clumps, then you have another issue that you have to take care. Have in mind that hair loss could happen due to immersive amount of stress, but it will not happen due to sexual frustration.

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