Drug addiction is undoubtedly a dangerous disease and it is slowly and steadily eating away the roots of our society. It is of utmost importance to play our role in cutting drug abuse from our community for the welfare of the society.

Workplace testing and testing in educational institutes have gone quite common in the past few years. This has shown great improvements in reducing drug abuse from the society because the employees and the students try to refrain from using drugs because of testing threat.

Drug test kits are commonly used in the workplaces and educational institutions for testing purposes and the most common drug test kit currently being used in the majority of areas is the 12 panel drug test kits. Although there are other types of drug test kits also available in the market like 3 panel drug test kits, 5 panel drug test kits but 12 panel drug test kits are the most desirable.Image result for REASONS FOR USING 12 PANEL DRUG TEST KITS FOR TESTING PURPOSES

12 panel drug test kits can be used in the strips or 12 panel drug test cup forms, the latter one being more common. You might be thinking of some valid reasons that why you should go for 12 panel drug test kits instead of cheaper single panel drug test kits, right?

Reasons for Using 12 Panel Drug Test Kits for Testing Purposes:

12 panel drug test kits offers a long list of benefits which acts as reasons for choosing this option for testing purposes. Let us have a look at different reasons for using 12 panel drug test kits:

  • Ease of Use:

12 panel drug test kits offer ease of use to the employees in which they can easily take urine or saliva samples in the cups where strips are attached in them. The cups have a closing lid for easy holding of the container and a result card is attached for the results.

  • 12 Drugs Detection:

12 panel drug test kits allow you to detect 12 drugs using single sample at a time which is very much desirable. You can detect up to 12 drugs at once causing less hassle.

  • Cost Effective:

12 panel drug test kits are a cost effective solution for drug detection as it detects multiple drugs at a time saving you the cost of using multiple strips or cups for drug testing.

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