Golf physical therapy: Injury and Treatment

The therapy clinic was developed to provide the best diagnostic service to injured players and other sorts of sport personal. Biomedical analyses are conducted to read the injury detail and adequate steps are taken to cure. These include computerized gait analysis that utilizes a state of art motion analysis laboratory. With advancement in science and medical research, latest Special software and diagnostic machines are employed for golf physical therapy.

Golf InjuryTreatment

  1. Golf is one of the most popular sports played by every section of society. The possibility of injury is quite low and approximately 15-20% of golfers injure themselves every year. Many professionals have to quit their game altogether due to injury.
  2. Some of the most prominent complaints include chronic back pain due to the hunched-over putting position, shoulder pain, wrist and elbow pain, which are in detail below. There is a great variation in causes of injury, which generally diverge from poor swing mechanics to not warming up properly before the game.
  3. Elbow pain: It is due to the high force required for swing of golf-club, and the condition is generally known as “golfer’s elbow”. It can be on either hand of golfer regardless of what the dominant hand of golfer is. Over-using the elbow for back swing with a high force causes the fibers in the tendons to become inflamed and cause acute pain.
  4. Wrist pain: Golfers generally suffer from hand and wrist pain. Extensive gripping of the club and pain occurring on the wrist during the swing usually signals one of two common repetitive strain injuries in golfers. Both injuries have similar symptoms which includes a swollen wrist, pain and tenderness, particularly extending from the wrist to the base of the thumb.
  5. Shoulder pain: It is one of the most common complaints among golfers. Certain wear and tear of shoulder joints may occur during swings. The two most common shoulder injuries are- the rotor cuff tendinitis and the rotator cuff tear. It should be noted that in case of tears, this is a serious injury which should be attended t as soon as possible. Rotor cuff tear is a more serious injury, generally happening when doing a swing and resulting in a tear in one or more of the tendons which connect the shoulder to the upper arm.
  6. Back pain: Back pain accounts for 20% of all golf-related injuries and require golf physical therapy . The commonbasis for it is the arched over putting position, though it may also be due to meagerprocedures, back ligament and back muscle sprains, and longer practice hours. In worst cases, it may be down to a degenerative disc disease, which requires serious treatment.
  7. The general rule for any acute pain is to follow the R.I.C.E. guidelines which stand for Rest. You can put ice cubes on the affected body part, apply compression and elevate the injured part. This preciselyrelates to acute wrist pain, shoulder pain and golfer’s elbow conditions.

It is important to see a physical therapist in defining the type and the extent of the impairment inflicted on the tendons in the wrist. You can track up traditional methods such as manual and physical therapy, along with innovative approaches to treating injuries. In many cases it is wise to see a specialist in order to acquire a professional diagnostic for speedy recovery.


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