Understanding the use of HCG and testosterone injections

The use of HCG diets for weight loss is pretty well known. But how is HCG and testosterone linked with one another? No matter the type, you should know all aspects of different synthetic hormones, before you actually start using them. Many users often use prescription and over-the-counter drugs and supplements to gain quick results, but this isn’t a recommended practice in the first place. In this post, we will try to understand the basics of using HCG and testosterone together, with the effects in consideration.

The basics

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is one of the popular terms in the world of weight loss and dieting. HCG is produced naturally in the body during pregnancy. Most of the home pregnancy tests check the levels of HCG to find if a woman is pregnant in the first place, as the hormone is produced by the fetus. In pregnant women, it maintains the higher levels of progesterone, which is essential for fetus growth. HCG injections are used for treating female infertility cases, as well.

Important facts for everyone

There are a few limited studies on use of HCG injections for weight loss, and it is never a recommended way of losing weight. If you check a few websites for protocol with HCG injections, you will find that a majority of them suggest using the option for faster results. The use of HCG and testosterone injections for faster weight loss and better results lacks scientific backing. In fact, doctors will never recommended combining or using one of these for nonmedical needs. However, if you are still considering a combination of both, it’s best to stay off alcohol and avoid medications that may further impact the liver.

Final word

These hormones are often used as a part of testosterone replacement therapy. For such treatments, bioidentical testosterone injections are used with HCG injections for the best results, but the treatment plan is based on many factors. Testosterone injections can be replaced with topical ointments in some cases. Regardless of your fitness goals, always consider the side effects of taking artificial hormones. Testosterone injections can have a number of estrogenic side effects, besides common issues like impotence and water retention.

Check online to read more about the combination of HCG and testosterone. Do not ignore the side effects, and try to find more by talking to seasoned users and trainers, who have tried the combination.

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