Nail Polish – creating personality

Girls have always been inclined towards beautifying themselves. There are a variety of cosmetics available that keeps the interest of women high towards it. Among the various beauty products available, nail polish is one of the most used cosmetics. It is used on a daily basis and using it is an inexpensive affair too. This passion of nail polish can be traced back to 1920s where nail polish was used for the first time in Paris. The cosmetic industry has seen a steady growth since then and has captured the market immensely.

Explore the possible options

There is a constant advancement made in the field of nail polish and this can be seen by the variety of nail polish offered by this industry. One of the types of nail polish is the base coat which is essential and used to protect the nails from discoloration. It is used prior to applying the nail color. The top coat is another variety of nail polish and it is used on the top of colored polish. One of the most promising top coat can be found at Quick drying is another beautiful innovation in the field of nail enamel. It comes handy when you don’t want to spend time coloring the nails and drying it as it dries fast.

Be it any kind of nail polish, it is advised to let it dry for at least ten to fifteen minutes in order to avoid the dent marks on it. Another addition to the variety of nail polish is the Growth enhancing enamels. It is recommended to those who have brittle and dry nails. Growth enhancing polish helps to keep your nail strong as it contains fibers and proteins that support in healthier and faster growth. The next in the line of nail polish is the finishers. There is a wide range of finisher varying from glittery ones to matte ones.

Attractive top coat nail polish

A top coat is one of the essentials for nail polish. It is a watercolor nail polish that is applied over the nail polish after it has dried. It usually creates a bar that gives the nail a glossy shiny look along with preventing it from chipping. The cost of the Nail polishes varies from according to their quality. A good top coat can make a low-cost nail polish a look rich. There are a number of benefits of applying a top coat nail polish.

When applied over the nails, it makes it feel smooth, makes the manicure look fresh and stay for a longer time. At times there can be a dent on the nail polish, the top coat helps to side these minor flaws. There is a wide range of nail art available now a days and it is very much in fashion too. Top coat makes the fixation of nail art accessories easier. You are advised to choose a top coat of a reputed brand which has been dermatologically tested.


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