Nutritional Power of 9 Herbs and Spices

People are using herbs to immune themselves and using spices to better the quality of food. Herbs and spices have another specialty also. Traveler traveled across seas to get herbs and spices. They are also using as medicine from decades of decades. There are some herbs and spices need to be mentioned.


Mint is generally used for good smell and breath freshener. It is also used in drinks and sauces to have a little spicy flavor. Mint is also largely used in medicinal toothpaste. Mint is good for cleaning wounds for its vitamin contents.


Turmeric removes the toxin from the body because it is rich in curcumin. Indians and Bangladeshi people use on cooking and it gives yellowish color on curry.Related image


Rosemary herbs are used in pasta and burgers. It contains nutrients which help to control short and long term memories.


Cinnamon has antioxidant which is natural can keep the body healthy and sound. Cinnamon does not taste good, though, but it is very much good blood and heart. Cinnamon also moves away tension.


Sage has the same ability of rosemary. Sage helps to boost the memory and also helps to keep long and short term memory healthy for all generation, especially for adults.


Ginger has the ability drives away most of the health issue. It is popular for its medical advantages. Ginger is beneficial to health and it removes muscle pain and so on. It has a long list of its benefits.


Oregano is usually added to soups and sauces. It has the ability to improve sleep, prevent arterial diseases, relieving stress and so on.


Thyme drives away stress, prevent diseases and keeps blood healthy because it has minerals and vitamins. It has also the ability to remove toxins and keeps eyesight healthy.


Kratom is one of the best herbal to boost up productivity and it helps you to alert your mind.

Herbs and spices are good for health. Different spices give a different kind of tastes and people are using spices for many years. They have a natural superpower that can boost up your health.


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