Insights on wisdom tooth extraction

Your third molars are called as “wisdom teeth.” The wisdom tooth usually appears in the late teens or early twenties. They often don’t get enough space in the jaw-line to erupt completely. This condition is called impaction.

When the wisdom teeth lack space to emerge, or develop at a wrong angle and become impacted, problems arise. Thus, it becomes necessary to extract them. The wisdom teeth removal Sydney is a standard procedure, performed on some five million patients every year.

When is wisdom tooth extraction necessary?

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is affordable, and it is necessary when:

  • The impacted wisdom teeth crowd other nearby teeth and cause pain and swelling, especially when they partially erupt.
  • Their growth causes damages to adjacent teeth.
  • The position of the tooth affects chewing function or obstructs jaw movement.
  • It is evident that they won’t fully erupt, and they are either moving in the direction of neighbouring tooth roots or will never come into contact with an opposing tooth.

Wisdom teeth removal is not necessary when they are:

  • Completely erupted
  • Healthy
  • Functioning properly
  • Positioned correctly and not overly crowding adjacent teeth

Is wisdom teeth removal really as painful as people say?

NO – wisdom teeth removal is not as painful as people say. Traditional wisdom teeth removal procedures were painful. But the techniques are now very different. Today you will be offered various forms of sedation, so you do not even remember what is happening. Do not listen to everyone stories. Follow the advice of your dentist.

The three stages of wisdom teeth removal procedure:

  • The initial consultation paves the way for a smooth rapport between you and your dentist. It will help you to develop the confidence to go ahead with the tooth extraction.
  • Actually, wisdom teeth Sydney removal is a painless procedure. You are completely numb, so there is no pain during the process, only some pressure is felt. Contrary to the popular belief dentists do not actually “pull teeth” but the tooth is gently nudged with pressure, the ligaments holding the teeth in place give up, and then the tooth comes out automatically.
  • You will have minimal discomfort during the wisdom teeth removal Sydney Every person is unique; therefore everyone responds differently. So the treatment plan is customised according to every patient.

What can you expect during the procedure?

During the procedure, your oral surgeon:

  • Makes an incision in your gum, creating flaps to expose the tooth and bone
  • Removes bone that blocks the tooth
  • And then divides the tooth into section
  • Removes the tooth
  • Cleans the surgical site and then stitches the wound to promote healing
  • Finally, places gauze over the extraction site to control bleeding.

What happens after the removal?

Before you go home, you will be given post-operative care instructions to take care of your teeth and gums. You may be given antibiotics, painkillers and mouthwash solutions to take home. Also, your dentist will fix a date for a follow-up appointment. Follow the instructions for quick recovery and rest well.

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