Improving the Level of Human Growth Hormones Artificially

Human growth hormones are one of the essential hormones produced in the human body like other hormones such as progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone, cortisol, parathyroid hormone, insulin and many others. Each hormone has a certain function to perform in the body. Any abnormal release of the hormone can cause serious complications in the body.

For example, if there is decrease in the release of insulin in the body, then a person becomes diabetic. Similarly, if there is an increase it might cause a dangerous drop of blood glucose in the human body.

Thus, when one consumes a hormonal drug as a supplement or externally, they have to be very cautious about its effect in the body.

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What are the Growth Hormones?

The hormones are released by the small, pea size gland which is located in the brain. The manufacturing of the hormone is done by this part known as pituitary and the release is by frontal or anterior lobe. The growth hormones are released by cells known as somatropes. Thus these hormones are also known as somatropin.

They are responsible for insulin release, cell growth and human development. The hormones contain large number of amino acids. It has been discovered that they contain around 191-amino acids and they are single chained proteins known as polypeptides. The peptide hormones are stored and secreted by the cells for the functioning of the human body.

If there is an injury to the pituitary part of brain or birth defect and thus, if the body is unable to produce the growth hormones, then the external use is recommended. The growth hormones are beneficial because, they are the prominent life force of the body. Check out the output of HGH here.


The stature, height, weight, masculinity and the metabolism are handled by these hormones. The metabolism of the body decides the fat accumulation and overall fitness of the body. If the metabolism of the body is weak, then the fat accumulation happens fast in the areas around the belly and thigh. Thus, the fitness levels of the body falls down.

Due to the presence of human growth hormones in the blood, the liver releases chemical to break down amino acids and thus growth of tissues and muscles take place. The old cells are regenerated and replenished. The lean muscle mass and bone density is drastically improved.

Because of these advantages of the human growth hormone, this is used as a supplement by athletes and body builders. When a person consumes this pill, in combination with steroids, they produce muscles rigorously fast.


Many body builders around the world have accepted this fact. Apart from the body builders, this pill is suggested for the use of people who are suffering from muscle wasting and weak bones (also known as osteoporosis).

Although there are many advantages with the intake of this pill, if taken by normal people, there are chances of side-effects too. It is claimed by the pharmaceutical industry, that this pill will not replace natural potential of body to release this hormone, but no significant proof is found. When consumed in excess it might cause serious damage to liver and pancreas. During the intake period symptoms such as hormonal imbalance and nausea might occur.

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