Anadrol – an oxymetholone therapeutic and bodybuilding supplement

Anadrol is the brand name of generic drug oxymetholone which is used as a bodybuilding anabolic androgenic supplement by bodybuilders, athletes. Additionally, it has medical importance to treat anemia, help to maintain lean body mass in HIV patients. It has been used across the world to build quick strong and lean muscle. It is one of the most potent AAS in the market. People, who attempt to gain weight, build muscle mass, increase strength show interest in learning more about Anadrol.

Anadrol legal status:

It is illegal to buy Anadrol in Canada. Anadrole is an alternative drug recommended legally to replace Anadrol that produces the safe effect. It has been reported that Anadrole works to produce the same result as such Anadrol. Anadrole boasts the same benefits including muscle gain, increased physical strength, increased stamina, and reduced recovery time from strenuous work. It comes in the capsule form and there is no requirement to go for any needles and injection. It has been reported that a Canadian supplier would only be able to sell the Anadrol legal alternatives say Anadrole. It is not legal to buy or sell anabolic compounds in Canada, but possessing for personal use is not prohibited.

Anadrol supplement is more common among men than women. It is a fact that Anadrol has a big hit with female athletes and bodybuilders since it promotes dramatic improvements in muscle mass level, protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, body strength. Doctors may recommend Anadrol to women who have already been harmonized.

Anadrol & online purchase

Though there are many reputed online sellers, still there are a few sites that are found as scams. Reading reviews before buying the products not only helps to know about the supplier recognition but also paves to view whether the advertised ingredients are available in the product. There are some reputed sites sell alternatives to Anadrol in Canada legally.

There are two grades of drugs called human grade and underground grade. The human grade will be costlier than the underground grade. A few people compare underground grade AAS with generic medications brands. Others state that UG AAS may be a lesser quality and even not a safe drug, and only Anadrol is safe in Canada. So, as stated it is important to scrutiny the safety and quality of any AAS before purchase. Anadrol is not an expensive AAS and also the alternative Anadrole is also reasonably priced.

Anadrol Dosage:

Anadrol holds an extreme limitation on its usage, especially in terms of Anadrol doses. The major factor of its limitation is its hepatotoxicity. Due to its high rate of hepatotoxicity, it is recommended for only 4-6 weeks time. The other major limitation is Anadrol holds a huge estrogenic activity and it acts as an estrogen in various parts of the body. Anadrol’s estrogenic effects will lead to bloat and water retention and its defense against Gynecomastia. Initially, 2.5 mg of oxymetholone is administered for three times a day. The highest dosage is 30 mg daily whereas it was not a common in practice. One 50mg tablet per day of Anadrol is sufficient to produce the most dramatic strength and mass gains in even the most experienced of anabolic androgenic supplement users. However taking higher doses might lead to potential risks. Discuss with your physician before starting such AAS.

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