How to Maximize Anavar’s Result

Anavar is known to be the mild steroid that doesn’t bulk up but instead help in building lean muscles and losing fat. This is the most desirable steroid for women and also men who do not want the crazy bulk body. Because of the lots of before and after photos and online testimonials about Anavar, people seek out this steroid to also try it.

However, Anavar, of course, can result in different ways. And its users may not achieve what they want to achieve. Any user would want to maximize the steroid’s result without triggering the side effects. So here are a few ways on how to maximize the results of Anavar.

Beginning Dosage

Anavar intake may differ if the user is a male or a female, especially if he or she is just beginning to take Anavar. A male user should start off by taking 50 milligrams a day. He can either decrease the dosage if he sees that he is bulking up too fast or increase the dosage if he sees that the effects are too slow to materialize. Just take note that they shouldn’t exceed 80 milligrams a day.

As for women, it is best, to begin with around 10 to 20 milligrams of Anavar daily. They can also increase dosage if they notice that the effect is not materializing. However, they should be aware that any higher dosage than that of mentioned can cause muscles to bulk. So if they don’t want that, then, they should remain with beginning dosage.


For Anavar cycles, it is always advised to take Anavar daily for six full weeks. After that, Anavar intake must stop. If still continued to do so, this will result in triggering side effect development. As for men, it is good to try the two weeks on two weeks off cycle when taking Anavar. However, in some cases, this type of cycle doesn’t work. It is still best to take the six weeks in and six weeks out cycle.


Exercise also had a great impact on how will Anavar results in the body. It depends on the user on what kind of exercise routine he will take up. He just had to make sure it is in line with the result he wants. He should never expect that Anavar will take effect even without exercise. Exercise help initiates the metabolism to burn the fat and Anavar is just boosting it.

Food Intake

Another factor that affects the result of Anavar is food intake. Yes, Anavar has the ability to speed up metabolism and burn down body fat, but this does not imply that the users are given licensed to eat fatty and junk food. If the user wants to maximize Anavar’s result, he must engage in a nutritious diet and eat food that can help in the weight losing department.

Always keep in mind that Anavar is only a supplement to your diet and exercise. Do not rely only on Anavar. Before buying Anavar, be sure to consult you doctor first about which dosage and cycle of Anavar are applicable and safest for you.


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