ED drug – Its effects and essentials

ED or erectile dysfunction is a medical condition wherein a man is unable to get a firm erection in his penis required for sexual intercourse. This is not a disease. There can also be various psychological reasons for this which can be cured by professional counselling or by making certain changes in lifestyle.

An ED drug is a medication to cure the biological anomaly, usually from a suhagra pharmacy . Basic reason for an erectile dysfunction is an inadequate inflow of blood into the penile blood vessels needed for an erection for sexual intercourse. In order to correct this, the drug works as a catalyst to enhance the effect of nitric oxide which is released from penile nerves. The medication though is not responsible for the secretion of the chemical which is purely a function of suitable sexual stimulation, the drug has definitely its proven utility in amplifying the effect of the chemical. A suitable sexual stimulation, of course is a prerequisite for the drug to start functioning. The medication effect leads to increased blood inflow so that the penis gets sufficient erection needed for intercourse. This may however be noted that intake of an ED drug does not produce sexual excitement in men with normal erection.

Some of these medications are taken orally whereas some can be taken by local injection. However, care should be taken with regard to correct dosage as prescribed by a doctor and also regarding possible side effects. You may have to try few before discovering the most suitable drug for you. Some common side effects may be headache, body ache, dizziness, temporary rashes on skin, vision problem etc. It is not recommended to take it in case you have had a heart attack. Also in case of high blood pressure, doctor’s advice is of utmost importance before taking an ED drug. Thus, it is for your own health & safety that you get the right treatment under supervision of a qualified doctor.

There is a word of caution. In case after taking an ED drug , you observe a continuous erection for more than four hours and that too, without a suitable sexual stimulus, then this is an abnormal situation. This happens because the trapped blood in the penis is unable to flow back and therefore needs immediate medical attention and treatment.

An ED drug has changed life of many by facilitating them enjoy a normal sexual life and thereby developing self confidence.

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