Healthy Meal Delivery

When we first think of meals being delivered, we think of pizza and Chinese take-out. The thought of a healthy meal delivery is the furthest thing from our minds.

That all changed when a chef and nutritionist came together to create a way to deliver healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals to people. This is how On the Run Meals began. The healthy meal delivery company, which offers three different meal plans–balanced, vegan, and low carb, was different from any other meal delivery service.

There is no room for short cuts when it comes to the health of the customers who purchase healthy meal delivery from OTR Meals. Everything that goes into the meals is fresh. The vegetables are grown in North America and shipped fresh daily to the chefs in the kitchen on the day your meal is being prepared. The meat that goes into your meal is from locally sourced farm animals that are raised in a humane environment free of any hormones and antibiotic additives. The chefs use only “wild caught” fish, not seafood sourced out of an Asian fishery or a suspension pond in some factory farm. OTR Meals kitchens are supplied with the best natural products, and none of them contain glucose syrup, man-made dyes, or hydrogenated oils. The chefs never add any table salt, white flour, or white sugar when preparing the meals.

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As mentioned above, there are three healthy meal plans to choose from: balanced, Vegan, and Low-Carb. With each healthy meal plan, you have six pre-selected, delicious meals to order from for Sunday delivery and six for Wednesday. You can also order from the a-la-carte menu and build your own meal or add to the pre-selected ones. This provides some variety and avoids food boredom. However, these meals are so delicious and healthy that there is no possibility of ever becoming bored of them! The only thing that OTR Meals asks is that you order a minimum of $75 worth of meals; however, if you spend over $125 there is no shipping cost.

The professionals working at OTR Meals have the same goal in mind for the members who order from this healthy meal delivery kitchen: that each person is able to be the very best version of themselves. Your health, and that of your family, is your greatest asset. You may as well invest wisely in it. After all, a healthy person is a happy person!

Visit the OTR Meals website and check out what is available. It is never to early to start investing in a healthier future for yourself and your family members. You will not regret it, and your family and your taste buds will love you for it! It will become one of the wisest decisions you make towards a healthier tomorrow for everyone you love.

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