Egg donation agencies screening process

As an egg donor, you will be required to submit an application. This is the first step. All applications are then reviewed before they are verified. If your application is verified and you have been matched to a prospective parent, you will get a notification and the screening process will commence before you can begin the egg donation cycle.

The screening process may include the following;
Initial interview
This is a face to face consultation with the doctors and other members if the medical team. The consultation only takes half an hour. They help you understand the different aspects of the testing as well as the treatment cycle. They discuss the details about the egg retrieval process. This is the one chance that you have to clear any doubts that you might have. They will answer your questions and address any other concerns that you might have. They will also assist in filling in the FDA screening questionnaire and other consent forms.Image result for Egg donation agencies screening process

Fertility screening
This includes a pelvic exam that includes getting cervical cultures and a pap smear. The pelvic exam is to determine the ability of the donor to produce eggs. You might have to do a vaginal sonogram to determine the ovarian reserve and function. This is done on the second or the third day of menstruation. The physician conducting the test must fill a donor physical examination form.

Medical screening
It includes blood work to prevent any transmission of diseases during donation. These tests include; HIV test, Hepatitis B surface antigen, Hepatitis C antibody among other tests. In some cases, the sexual partner of the donor might be asked to come for the screening. The tests must be done by an approved laboratory.

Genetic screening
All egg donation agencies are required to carry out the genetic screening to avoid passing genetic disorders. Family history is evaluated to raise awareness of any genetic disorders or hereditary diseases in your family. Blood tests are done for certain diseases such as sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and cystic fibrosis among others.

Psychological screening
All potential donors must be interviewed by a social worker or a psychologist and complete a written psychological assessment. This is to determine how psychologically prepared you are for the process and also to ensure you make an informed consent from the psychological perspective. During the discussion the psychologist ensures that the donor fully understands the risks and benefits involved is egg donation and that they have the proper motivations for becoming a donor.

After you have completed the screening phase, you will need to go through the legal process before the stimulation medications can commence. You will have to review the legal contract before you can sign it. You can seek the help of an attorney if you wish. Only after the contract has been signed, can the doctors begin the medical cycle.

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