Dr Oz’s Raspberry Ketone Dosage For Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss management and weight loss efforts, Raspberry ketone has earned highest popularity. The mouthwatering and delicious aroma of raspberries is due to the component ketone. Before using this ketone as a weight loss supplement one should clearly understand how it works and what is it actually. Ketone is considered as a chemical substance. The body of Raspberry fruit is composed of thousand molecules among them one is ketone. This chemical is present in human body as well. When there is less insulin in the body, ketone can be found that is when a person is suffering from diabetes.


Metabolism in the human body is largely affected by glucose level in the body. It also takes a major role in supplying energy. In the process of delivering glucose to the cell from the blood stream, insulin takes up a major role.

This process also involves metabolic functions as well. In many chemical reactions that happens in the body glucose is the major thing behind them especially the things which are related to metabolism. Glucose is considered to enhance fatty acid oxidation that is the reason they aid in weight loss.

The above process results in triggering the stimulation of adiponectin a hormone. This hormone has an impact on the process of absorption of insulin in the muscles. Ketone has the capacity to enhance metabolism. That is why they are used for weight loss. One more reason ketone is used in weight loss management is that they can block weight gain as well. The dosage of ketone depends on the individuals’ health conditions, his age, weight and other factors.

Weight loss and ketone dosage:

The dosage of ketone that must be followed for weight loss depends on the individual and there cannot be a standard dose. The results of ketone mainly depends on the dose, brand used and the manufacturer as well and mainly the milligram strength of the drug.

In general 100 mg of the ketone capsules are used twice a day which means 200 mg a day. In majority of the cases 100 milligram strength of your dosage is enough. But few people also follow a dose of 300 mg a day. But even today there is no general recommendation when it comes to ketone dose for either weight loss efforts or for bodybuilding.

It is better to start with the lowest possible dose is better. It is also important to follow the label instructions because each brand may be different. To get significant results in obesity treatments and in weight loss, 100 mg of ketone dose must be consumed before meals.

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