When Is It Time To Invest In Invisalign

What is one of the most visible parts of your body that either make-or-break your reputation?

Face? No doubt.

Hair. Obviously.

What comes next? Your smile. Your teeth are a strong indicator of your personal oral hygiene and affect the way others see you. Your parents are right when they say that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, including your TONGUE to get rid of the lurking bacteria. A study in 2013 showed that the whiteness and shape of your teeth are strong indicators of how you appear to others. Your teeth can strongly determine who you get for a partner or date. Men and women care about teeth when looking for a potential partner.

What’s in a smile?

  • Your smile indicates your openness, kindness, and friendliness. The quality of your teeth and your smile makes you more likeable. When a person likes his or her partner’s smile, it’s because their smile is truly unique and well-shaped because of the teeth.
  • When you have good teeth, you wouldn’t feel conscious about smiling with mouth open in photos or in front of people.
  • People with good teeth are considered more trustworthy because they take care of their teeth, indicating that they are responsible.

What you need to know about Invisalign

Invisalign is a process of using aligners to straighten your teeth . You replace your aligner every two weeks and your teeth move slowly towards the projected position. They are like transparent braces and comfortable to wear. They won’t affect your life in anyway. They are your chance to have the smile you have dreamt of. This is a chance to rebuild your life with an entirely different look.

Why should I invest in invisalign

  • When your teeth have become a source of embarrassment and you constantly try to restrict your smile or avoid showing your teeth in photographs or social situations. Your teeth help build or break your self-esteem. Good teeth can help you look better, more attractive, and increase your chances of success in organizations. Invisalign can help you feel good about yourself.
  • Think better oral health and hygiene. When you have well-shaped teeth, you can brush and floss them easily. You would also be sparing yourself from gum diseases and plaque build-up in the unreachable or neglected parts of your mouth.
  • It’s not only oral hygiene you’re talking about here. Straightened teeth can spare you from speech problems, broken teeth, and headaches. When you have misaligned or yellow teeth, your mental health is also affected. Straightening your teeth can help you get rid of these troubles and live a better life.
  • Do you like the look of traditional braces sticking out on your teeth in front of photos? No, right? All that wiring and bands – who likes the look of that? Invisalign is a great choice because no one would be able to tell you ‘re wearing braces at all.
  • They are removable and can save you time and money. They are more comfortable to wear. They can also improve your overall health and lifestyle.

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