What to eat while on Ionamine?

There are so many diets around it is difficult to know what to start with. Some dietary research reports that at least a third of the individuals who start dieting end up losing weight initially but then gain the pounds back and in some cases gain even more weight once off the diet. A lot of diets orient you around a quick-fix solution and in reality there is no such thing. These types of diets are unhealthy and can cause health issues down the road. Fad diets are cropping up all over the place and they often put you on a really low-calorie diets and have preset combinations of foods for you to consume for relatively short periods of time. Often times, these foods are not what you would eat. It’s important to keep some of your comfort foods in moderation and get rid of one or two food items that are not healthy. These foods are generally foods that are high in sugar and/or fat. Your diet should not be short-term but something you stick with for a long time. It should be a diet that you can change to some extent when you begin to gain weight with just minor changes.

What Weight Loss Program is Right for You

Finding the right program can be difficult. Everyone is different genetically and that means there is no one diet that will work for everyone. Many people find that they have to try 3 or more diets before they find one that works with their particular lifestyle and personal tastes. Don’t let this be discouraging. Make use of the internet and do some research on reasonable diets that are known to work. Diets are generally broken down into various categories depending on different approaches to dieting and exercise. This is very useful background in helping you decide what is right for you. This will help guide you into a long-term solution.

Weight Loss Categories

  • Calorie diets – most everyone is familiar with calorie based diets. These diets are oriented around controlling how many calories you take in for the day. Ultimately, this means you need to count calories for all the foods you take in daily. You’ll have to learn what foods contain what calories and you need to know portions. You’ll need to write this down in a daily food diary. This is beneficial because you will become familiar with the foods you are consuming. However, some people don’t want to be bothered with all this work of counting and measuring. But, once you have done this for a few weeks, you will know exactly what you’re eating so it gets easy from that point. You’ll know what foods are acceptable and you’ll be able to eyeball the amount. Chances are, prior to this time, you didn’t pay much attention to food content or the calories associated with certain foods.
  • Lifestyle diets – this kind of dietary program orients around making healthy changes not only to your diet but levels of physical activity. If you’re looking for long-term and sustainable weight loss, then this one is for you. Weight loss is generally much slower with this type of diet but this is a diet that is much easier to handle long-term.
  • Supplement diets – whether you take a prescription drugs, such as Phentermine or natural supplement, these diets usually come with a weight loss program. Your doctor will help you establish a diet or the company that has a natural supplement will have a diet established that you can use. If you are taking Ionamine, you are on a supplement diet. The Mayo Clinic has a diet for this and there are several diet books available that you can buy specifically for prescription weight loss. To see the Mayo Clinic diet, you have to buy the drug and then they give you a 3-month free trial to their website. This works well because your drug therapy runs 3 months. Perfect.
  • Meal diets – these diets are often appealing for individuals who don’t want to make a lot of decisions about what to eat. Many of these meal plans can be customized so they will easily accommodate personal preferences and tastes. For example, eDieting is growing in popularity. Once you register online, you’ll have access to a dieting community that will supply support, menu plans, recipes and more. If you’re into social media, this would be a good choice for you.

When using Ionamine for weight loss , you’ll need to cut back on calories. You daily caloric intake should be somewhere between 1200 and 1500 Calories. Simply cut out sugary foods and keep your food portions modest. For starters, take in lean protein sources (4 to 6 ounces) and lots of veggies along with fat-free dairy.


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