What Martial Arts do MMA Fighters Study?

MMA is a popular sport these days. Of course, “MMA” is an abbreviation for “mixed martial arts” which means that the sport is actually a competition that brings together martial artists of different or combined disciplines to match skills against each other. These various fighting styles focus on different techniques and strategies to disarm, disorient, and otherwise take down an opponent. Some of these techniques include take downs, of course, but also might consist of striking (punching and kicking), ground attacks, submission moves, and grapples.

Here are some of the more popular training fundamentals involved with AcademieFrontenac.com MMA.


Boxing is a classic combat sport. As a matter of fact, it is one of the oldest forms of athletic competition that we know of. The goal of this fist-striking sport, of course, is to knock the other person down through continuous punching of the body and face. Opponents duke it out, as they say, and a referee determines if a knocked-down opponent can continue to fight. This can be determined through a 10-count or through the referees choice to declare a winner out of concern for safety. Many MMA fighters have studied boxing as a foundation for the rest of their fighting disciplines.Image result for What Martial Arts do MMA Fighters Study?


Based on traditional Jiu Jitsu, the Brazilian form was developed in the early 1900s and actually serves as major foundation for MMA. This martial art focuses less one the strength of strikes and more on submission and grappling through joint locks and chokes. This is great martial arts to learn if you want escape maneuvers or even hold reversals from ground techniques.


Bruce Lee developed this kung-fu based martial art which, he said, frees the body of all styles and patterns for more efficiency. Jeet Kune Do can be complex and difficult to learn because it is less a collection of forms and maneuvers that can be perfected and more of a personalized fighting system customized to the student.


This Korean martial art focuses more on kicking techniques than anything else. The form actually developed out of various Asian martial arts that mingled when Japan occupied Korea. Tae Kwon Do appreciate the philosophy that the leg is the longest—and strongest—limb in the body so it is not only powerful but also a great tool to help you avoid getting hit (as a punch is shorter and makes you more vulnerable).

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