Ways of protecting your heart from diseases

Young people often tend to commit the mistake of thinking that they are too young to start worrying about their heart. But, heart health is something that deserves your attention irrespective of your age. Start taking care of your heart today for a healthier heart tomorrow.

Heart disease is one of the primary causes of death in both women and men worldwide. It can happen to anybody, young or old. For heart attacks in men, the average age is 66. Heart attacks among women belonging to the age group of 35-54 have risen in the past 20 years.

How to improve your heart health?

If you start taking care of your heart at an early age, your heart will be strong enough to fight fatal diseases. For a healthier heart, you can take these measures:

  1. Annual checkup

The health of your heart lies in your hands. At least one annual medical checkup is a must even if you think you don’t need it. Get your glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure thoroughly checked.

  1. Stay hydrated

Make it a habit to carry a water bottle whenever you go somewhere. Keeping your body hydrated is good for your heart as well as other body parts. The weight of the water bottle can also be used by you to do some exercise for strengthening your arms.

  1. Exercise regularly for a healthy heart

There are several cardiovascular exercises that are good for the health of your heart. Walking, jogging or marching can be done for 15 minutes every day. Keep increasing the duration of your daily activity by 5 minutes every week. Your target should be 30 minutes per day. You can also take professional help for knowing the right kind of exercises that boost heart health.

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  1. Quit smoking

Always remember that smoking is your heart’s enemy. If you are a chain smoker, try quitting with the help of your doctor, family and friends. Determination is all you need to quit smoking. Have faith in yourself and bid adieu to smoking for the sake of your heart and lungs.

  1. Control cholesterol

Avoid eating foods that are loaded with cholesterol or saturated fat. Consuming these foods will increase your blood pressure level which is not at all good for your heart. To keep your blood pressure in check, eat foods containing healthy fat like lean chicken, baked turkey, whole grains and nuts.

You also need to monitor your daily intake of salt in order to lower your blood pressure.

  1. Monitor your weight

Excess weight gain increases chances of diabetes, heart diseases and stroke. If you are overweight, try to reduce calories by eating healthy.

  1. Eat healthy

Eating healthy is a must for the sake of your heart. Avoid eating unhealthy food and increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Following the simple steps mentioned above will definitely be beneficial for your heart.

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