The Truth about Anadrol Effects That Very Few Knows About

You might have seen a number of ‘real’ testimonials that publishes the ‘before and after’ images of Anadrol users. And if truth be told, the results undoubtedly appear to be quite impressive. But there is one thing that you might miss. Not everyone reacts positively to the androgenic anabolic steroids. It bears the generic name of Oxymetholone . And when it comes to considering it, you should be aware of its possible side effects, as well.

It Is Research Time

No matter how alluring the before and after pics of taking Anaverol, make sure that you do your part of research on the drug. However, a number of health enthusiasts, as well as bodybuilders swear on them. This is because; they believe that this steroid offers a number of before and after advantages. For example, it can boost up strength to quite an impressive extent. Anaverol also helps to enjoy faster muscle growth. What is more, those looking for weight gaining can also be benefitted from it. Doctors even prescribe it to treat severely anaemic patients. This is why, a number of malnourished patients resort to it after medical supervision. As for those looking forward to weight loss, you can stack this drug with some basic anabolic-androgenic steroids, as well. Such steroids have identical properties to that of testosterone, the male hormone.

Buying Anadrol

In the medical stores, you can find Anadrol under a number of brand names. They include Nastenon, Hydroxymetholone, Anadrol 50, Methabol, Anapolon 50 and Synasteron. Even before you try getting your supplies through black market, understand that you might be subjected to law violation for that. This is because;Anavar is exclusively a prescription drug. And what if you consider buying them from questionable sources, such as underground laboratories? Well, there would no guarantee to get a genuine product! If you plan to buy your packs of Andarol online, then take extra care. Before you zero in on any product, make sure that you visit online forums and discussion groups. There, you will come across the views and opinions of real people who have used it. While sharing their experiences, the forum-contributors would also happily recommend you products that they feel are authentic.

The Untold (and Curable) Side Effects

Apart from the tempting inspirations that you get by seeing the before and after pics of people using Anadrol, it offers the incentive of very mild size effects. This is, however feasible only when you stick to the drug protocols. And thankfully enough, most of their indications can be cured with a little bit of care. The most common side effect that girls suffer after taking this steroid is virilisation. This refers to development of men-like features, such as facial hair and deep voice in women. Sometimes, female users also suffer from Hirutism, or excessive growth of body hair. But thankfully enough, such conditions are completely irreversible. So far men are concerned; they are likely to suffer from Priapism. This refers to long-lasting and frequent, yet painful erections. This often comes coupled with inconveniences like vomiting and nausea. However, you can prevent these symptoms simply by stopping this drug.

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