The Herbal way to loose your weight

It is a common believe that when you use the herbal coffee beans- the herbal weight loss supplements to shed you weight you need to take up any other troubles on your shoulder . It is the most tested way of having the herbal and natural care that you need to shed your weight . Some people are often of the believe that weight loss that comes as a result of having the green coffee beans is due to the caffeine included in the beans ,Caffeine works in a various wonderful ways it helps to speed up your metabolism . It helps your body to absorb the extra glucose content of your body which then keeps you fit . But you can always find a number of other coffee beans in the market which contains much of the extract that adds to the flavor of the coffee but in reality lacks the high percentage of the caffeine content in the beans .

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  • To everyone’s surprise , it is not the caffeine that induces your weight loss but it is another element in your coffee bean such as the chlorogenic acid CGA which induces your weight loss .
  • Cholorogenic acid is actually a phenol compound and is also an ester compound of the caffeine and the quinicgroup .
  • Ester is considered to be the component of the lipids and fat
  • There is a combination of ester and acids that are found in the chlorogenic acid 9CGA0
  • Some of the coffee beans as you know are roasted and while roasting most of the qualities of the beans get lost so it is always best if you opt for the herbal and the natural elements to choose from .
  • The herbal coffee beans the ones we call the green coffee beans are very efficient in reducing your weight .
  • The chlorogenic acids and its compounds which includes caffeine and the quinic acids are termed under the banner of the antioxidants
  • Chlorogenic acid is one of the many components found in the plants .


The acidic taste of these herbal weight loss supplements comes from the caffeic acid while the astringency and acidity is attributed to the quinic acid. The green coffee beans are not only used for the purpose of weight loss . It is also employs for a various other factors and reasons such as the

  1. Treatment of the Colon
  2. It helps to treat hypertension
  3. It is known to be effective in lowering the high blood pressure
  4. It improves the condition relating to the type 2 diabetes
  5. It cures bacterial infections
  6. The green coffee beans soothes inflammation very nicely
  7. Green coffee beans treat Alzheimers very effectively .

You can use this product to treat your weight loss problems and you need not even go to the doctor only because it is a natural and herbal product which will cause you not much side effects . This is the only product in the market for which you need not produce a prescription at the counter .


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