The Essential Opportunities for Using Recreational Cannabis

Parliamentarians passed a law to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. They voted unanimously in favor of the new bill, which was first approved by the country’s cabinet. On January 1, the votes unanimously voted in favor of the fresh “cannabis as medicine” law, which will come into force on March 19.

The Issues

People with multiple sclerosis and other serious illnesses can get the drug legally on prescription. Doctors will also be able to prescribe marijuana or cannabis to patients for whom the drug may relieve symptoms such as chronic pain or nausea, or who might see a positive effect on their disease progression. Be it the or anywhere else, the results are the same.

The Law

Parties welcomed the law on the left and right. The country will now create a state-regulated program to cultivate the harvest for medical use in the future and to ensure its quality. Until then, plants will be imported. Personal possession of the drug remains illegal in the country, although small amounts in possession are not normally prosecuted. The state is now joining a list of countries experimenting with new laws, both medical and recreational, regarding the control of marijuana.

The global picture

Marijuana or cannabis is “the world’s most widely grown, produced, traded, and consumed drug,” according to the World Drug Report. Nevertheless, its legality has long been a topic of debate worldwide. In the US, Maine recently confirmed the use of legalized recreational marijuana, joining seven other states and the District of Columbia. Medical marijuana is now legal in more than half of the US states.

The Global Trend

In 2016, Canadian officials said they intend to introduce legislation in 2017 to legalize and regulate marijuana. Uruguay is the only other country that has legalized cannabis. Ireland, Australia, Jamaica, and Germany approved measures in 2016 for its medical use, while Australia also approved for companies to apply for licenses to manufacture or grow medical marijuana for products and research. There are still decisions that are pending in South Africa when it comes to legalizing of marijuana. Maine recount closes “Yes” to recreational marijuana, a total of four states that make it okay. They join more than 20 countries and explore the potential benefits of legalization. But as with the drug itself, the laws vary as much as the potency of control and the world waits to learn what works best.

Hard to knock

The country is a pioneer when it comes to drug reform laws, as the nation has decriminalized the possession of all drugs, not just cannabis. As a result, the country has the greatest evidence of what impact such a change can have on policy.

Regular use

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