Smart Opportunities with Hydroxycut

The ephedra horsetail is a densely branched bush with a thick gray trunk up to 1.5 m in height. The branches are wooden, thick, directed upwards, with juxtaposed neodrevesnevshimi, articulate, furrowed, green annual branches. The reduced leaves are represented by filmy reddish-brown formations. Flowers are dioecious. In some bushes, female inflorescences develop, on the other masculine. Male spikelets are yellowish, almost spherical, solitary or 2-3 in length. Female spikelets are greenish, single-flowered. It is a wind-pollinated plant. Fruit – a false fleshy yellowish or reddish shishko-berry. Blooms in June, fructifies in July-August.

The area of ​​ephedra horsetail is extensive. It grows in Central Asia, the mountains of the Tien Shan, Kazakhstan (occasionally occurs on the plains), the Southern Altai, the Caucasus, Mongolia, China, large thickets are in Kyrgyzstan, especially on the border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The organization of ephedra preparations in the Caucasus is economically unprofitable. Advanced is an improved version of the standard Hydroxycut by adding additional extracts of such powerful antioxidants as goji, acerols, vitamin C and blueberries. But the original version of Hydroxycut is this one. Rapid assimilation and effect of this drug on the body is due to the presence in its composition of another active component in the dispenser form – caffeine anhydrous.

Side effects

People often seek help from fat burning tablets or thermogenics to tidy up their body and gain additional energy, but their reception can also lead to frustration with the final results, and sometimes even create the following potential health problems.

High blood pressure

As said above, these drugs have a predominantly thermogenic effect, which is expressed in an artificial increase in body temperature, causing the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body to stabilize the habitual state. Researchers at Vanderbilt University note that the most common component of thermogenics, ephedrine, has an increased incidence of heartbeats and high blood pressure among its side effects. And this already carries a certain risk of development of strokes and heart attacks.


The increased pulse and metabolic rate caused by ingredients such as ephedrine or caffeine can have a negative effect on your sleep. As a result, your body when not getting enough sleep can cause extreme fatigue, thereby weakening your immune system and making you more susceptible to diseases such as flu or c


Psychosomatic factor

The use of fat burners can also have negative side effects on the mental and emotional level. All the same researchers at Vanderbilt University have found that some of the components of tablets, for example, ephedrine, can cause nervousness, anxiety, aggressive behavior or emotional mood swings. In extreme cases, it reaches an increased risk of causing harm to oneself.

Dehydration of the body

This condition is dangerous, especially in hot weather or during active training. Ephedrine and caffeine are the two unsafe ingredients that can lead to dehydration, which causes an accelerated weight loss.

The Supports

However its lipotropic amino acids that affect the fat burning process are represented in this preparation as: L-alanine, L-serine, L-cysteine, L-threonine and L-isoleucine, which encourage the release of fat cells for use as energy. In addition, calcium and vitamin D act as natural inhibitors (limiters) of fat storage. Creators of Hydroxicase emphasize the importance of a reasonable, balanced diet and regular physical activity in combination with tablets (alternatively, sachets for making special drinks). This is the original version of Hydroxycut for you that actually works.

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