Side Effects of Suhagra:-

What is Suhagra?

Suhagra is a medicine used for an erection disorder which is prescribed for the treatment of adult men, similar to Kamagra . Sildenafil is an active ingredient used in Suhagra. Sildenafil citrate reduces the male erectile dysfunction. Suhagra works as the dilation of blood vessels and increases in blood flow which sustains an erection .

Side effects of suhagra :

In spite of being the best treatment for those who are unable to have sexual relation Suhagra also has many side effects. Followings are the major side effects of Suhagra.

A headache:
Use of suhagra causes a headache. As it dilates the blood vessels which causes the change in blood pressure and increase in nitric oxide. Due to the sudden change in blood pressure and increase in nitric oxide headache started.

Flushing :
As a result of an increase in blood pressure with the dilation of blood vessels, blood flows fast in the vessels. The increase of blood pressure in the vessels presents near the skin cause flushing.

Nose Bleeding:
Sometimes use of Suhagra causes nose bleeding in some males as it expands the blood vessels present in the nose like it does in the penis. Those people who already have week vessels result in the bleeding of the nose.

Suhagra relaxes the smooth muscles of the body which cause dilation of vessels and also erection by relaxing in muscles of the penis. In the same way, suhagra also relaxes the other body smooth muscles like muscles of the stomach which results in a reduction of digestion ability of stomach. This is how suhagra causes indigestion.
Due to the relaxation of smooth muscles by using suhagra such as sphincter muscle which does not allow food to move down and food remain in the stomach mixed with stomach acid. This results in burning sensation.

Normally when a person sleeps the flow of blood in the body decreases due to the slow breathing rate. As suhagra increases the blood pressure which causes increases in heartbeat rate. This results in the sleeplessness of a person.

By using suhagra, food is not digested well due to the relaxation of smooth muscles of the digestive system which results in the move out of food from colon and then rectum in liquid form

The ingredient of suhagra changes the blood pressure and increase in nitric oxide in the blood which slightly affects the pH which causes dizziness.

Bloody urine:
Use of suhagra engorge the blood vessels present in the penis. In some person, the blood vessels may be a week which results in bleeding with urine or bloody urine.

Numbness and tingling of muscles:
When the blood pressure increases such as the sudden change in blood flow occur like when we change our position suddenly and blood flow fast it regulates the lactic acid present in the muscles and muscles started maintaining them. This results in the numbness and tingling of muscles.

Sensitivity to light:
Suhagra effects on an enzyme that is present in retinal photoreceptor which increases the concentration of cyclic GMP, resulting in the depolarization of rod cell and increases the sensitivity of light.

Prolonged and painful erection:
Suhagra increases the relaxation of smooth muscles and dilation of blood vessels of the penis which causes an erection. This erection may be prolonged and sometimes produce severe pain, as the use of suhagra normally lasts in 5 hours.

Painful Urination:
Painful urination is also a side effect of suhagra which occurs due to the erection due to increase in blood that engorges the blood vessels in the penis.

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