Selecting a suitable juicer or how to meet a juice lover needs

Among all the domestic appliances juice extractors are currently in the list of the most desired and asked for products. The reason is people today are getting more and more concerned about personal health and health of those who surround them. In the times when both the environment and the quality of food we consume are far from perfect, the turmoil seems to make special sense. Inspired by the trend, the majority of stores are striving to offer a truly wide model range as an attempt to attract more visitors to their sites. But expectedly, such a variety causes a great deal of confusion in the buyers’ rows. And without properly compiled top juicers reviews the latter are just left defenseless in the raging sea of modern technologies.

Top-segment models to get a closer view of

  1. OMEGA 8006
    Omega 8006 is posed as one of the top-selling and most reliable juicer models ever made. The new technology used in its construction allows the knives to rotate at a low speed of 80 rpm and thoroughly cut all the pieces being thrown into the chute. Also, the absence of heat and oxidation factors helps to provide the highest quality of produce with simply inimitable taste.

    Omit the fact this juicer has somewhat bulky looks, it has one significant advantage over the electrically powered devices – it gives you utmost control over the juicing process. All the metal parts the presser comes with are powder coated. Plus, the maximum pressure of two tons extracts every last drop of a juice from ingredients, leaving the pulp totally dry.


    What makes this machine distinct is that the amount of yield and quality of produce are just superb for a centrifugal type of a juicer. Also, the low cost and sleek design features greatly benefit to the product’s wide popularity. For those who wish to save some bucks, there’s simply no better option.

    Picking what’s going right for you

    Although we’ve reviewed some of the most popular juicers on the market, one can’t point out which of the above-mentioned models you should pick. It’s always been a matter of preferences. What we can actually help with is highlighting the aspects one should focus on. In the case with the juicers, it is the sort of beverages you enjoy and kinds of ingredients you are going to use. Define those and picking a juicer will flow much easier for you.

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