Antler X is a popular IGF-1 supplement which is available in the market. This is an oral velvet spray and it has many ingredients which helps in providing high levels of insulin like growth factor. Before using any supplement like AntlerX one must check the ingredients in it. With the ingredients and the milligram strength one will get an idea about the supplement.

Has many natural ingredients

The main ingredients which are in Antler X IGF-1 are Caltrop, Niacin, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine and Zinc. While all are natural ingredient and zinc is one of the most important minerals in the body and it helps in boosting the immune system and is also needed for the synthesis of the proteins. It also helps in building the muscles and repairing the muscle cells and its replication. L-Arginine is an amino acid and this helps in the circulation of the blood to muscles. L-Carnitine helps in converting the fat into energy and helps in lean muscle mass. L-Glutamine helps in supporting the cartilage and the tissue joints. This is needed for those who suffer from arthritis. It has many nutrients which helps in repairing the muscles and its ligaments. Caltrop helps in increasing the levels of the energy and also increases the anabolic functions in t he body. It is also a booster of libido and increases the levels of testosterone. Niacin is another mineral which helps in metabolism. And it helps in absorption of carbohydrates.Image result for REVIEW OF ANTLERX – IGF 1 SUPPLEMENT- BENEFITS

Discuss with a physician before using

Before using any supplement, one must not only determine its safety but also consult a physician and discuss about the product and its ingredients. Antlerx is recommended to use for five sprays both in morning and evenings. It must be sprayed in mouth under the tongue. The person must not swallow it and let the spray get absorbed in their mucosal linings which is under the tongue. This helps the spray to get absorbed into the circulatory system directly. The person must not eat or drink anything twenty minutes before and twenty minutes after using the sprays. There are many people who do not follow the instructions. Excess usage can effect the hormone levels and have impact on the physical and mental functions. If excess IGF is taken in the body it causes alarming side effects and hormones will be imbalanced and can lead to depression. You may also visit the website URL for more knowhow and information before getting started.

Dosage is not particular

There is no particular recommended dosage and velvet drugs has the capacity to interact with morphine. When Antler X is used directly, there are no side effects and it is safe. One must check the pros and cons of using AntlerX as it effects the hormone levels. Antlerx has IGF-1 and this helps in growth of many cells in the body like muscle cells, skeletal cells and other cells. AS it helps in growth, many bodybuilders and athletes use it and it is popular.

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