Perimenopause And What You Need To Know About It

Pretty much everyone knows what menopause is, however, not everyone is aware about the perimenopause period, which is the stage of a woman’s life before menopause. During this time, a woman will experience a lot of major changes in her body, and while in some cases this goes unnoticed, sometimes it can be just too much for a woman to handle.

Women these days can find all the information and treatment that they need at the menopause clinic – Australian Menopause Centre , as well as some other menopause centers if you happen to be far away from Australia. However, we will cover some of the basic information that you should know about perimenopause in this article.

What happens during perimenopause?

One of the most important changes in the woman’s body during perimenopause is that fact that the ovary is slowly stopping with the production of estrogen, and along with that, the chances of fertility are decreasing rapidly.

Can you still get pregnant during perimenopause?

While the fertility chances are decreasing rapidly, this does not mean that you are not able to get pregnant. The chances of that happening get smaller with each passing day, but the chances are still there. This can be very tricky to determinate because of the general duration of perimenopause.

Because its duration is completely different for each woman, the whole perimenopause can last four months, but it can last up to ten years. The overall average duration is four years, and perimenopause officially ends once a woman didn’t have her period for twelve months, which is when the fertility chances drop to zero as the ovary no longer produces eggs.

If you want to avoid pregnancy, it is highly suggested that you use some kind of protection like condoms or birth control as even the smallest odds of getting pregnant can be present. Naturally, if you still have a wish to become a mother, then this is this stage is the last chance to do so, and even with the lowered sex drive, it is highly suggested to give it a try and hope for the best.

Never let your smile to be removed because of menopause

Treatments for perimenopause

Because perimenopause is becoming more of an issue today as the symptoms are getting more troublesome as time goes by, there are various treatments available. One successful perimenopause treatment made by Australian Menopause Centre is to continue giving estrogen to the person who is entering perimenopause.

The reason why this is probably the best solution is because it can “extend” the duration of perimenopause where the body is given more time to get used to lower estrogen levels. That is why the beginning of this treatment will include a lot of estrogen, and it will get lower as time goes by, which will essentially let you skip out on all of those annoying symptoms such as hot flushes or breast tenderness.

Consulting with your doctor about treatments will always have the best outcome

Final Word

Getting help during this rough period is definitely something every woman should do. Don’t be shy or afraid to talk to your doctor about the changes you are experiencing. Today, all medical staff is trained to deal with this situation, and you will always be in the best care.

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