Lose 15 pounds as fast as you can – Some immediate steps to take

Do you need you think to lose 15 pounds as soon as possible? Is there any special event to attend which requires you to slip into a killer outfit that has been lying there in your wardrobe for many years now? Perhaps it’s an old school reunion where you want to show your friends that unlike them, you haven’t fallen into the middle-aged trap. Whichever may be the reason behind wanting to lose weight, you know you have to shed off 15 pounds very fast but at the same time ensure that the method of weight loss is a safe one. Here in this post, we’ll share with you few tips to lose 15 lbs in 30 days. Take a look at the ideas.

  1. Use an old diary to keep records : The foremost step would be to use a diary to maintain records of your present weight, the food and drinks that you’re taking each day and the calories that you’re gaining and burning at the same time. Also jot down your current eating habits and mention changes whenever you make some.
  2. Drink water and add lemon to it : Plenty of water is necessary as water is the ultimate diet savior in lots of ways. In case you suffer from bloating, water can help you fight against this. Keep sipping water constantly throughout the day. Don’t drink diet sodas as diet drinks actually make you crave for sugar. Try adding a slice of lemon to your drink.
  3. Introduce grains in your diet : More and more whole grains should be introduced in your diet. They are super-foods which are not only low in calories but which make you feel that you’re full. This way you can stop unnecessary food cravings due to eating food which are high in fibre.
  4. Eat fruits as snacks : Introduce more and more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Fruit can be one of the best ways of snacking yourself throughout a day. Healthy desserts and vegetables can be had in lunches and dinners in order to avoid the feeling of hunger.
  5. Take a snack every 3hours : Try and have a snack every 3 hours so that you can maintain constant sugar levels. You can either go for something like an apple or a couple of almonds. You may think that being on a diet and eating more doesn’t make sense but remember that a healthy diet doesn’t mean starving yourself. It’s just about eating the right foods on time.

Therefore, in order to lose 15 lbs within 30 days and to get ready for your big event, you need to follow the above mentioned tips and also continue with your routine exercise.

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