Know about Anavar Usage for Women

Anavar is known to be the most potent medicinal steroidal pill available for use. The anabolic steroid has been known to produce androgenic properties and male characteristic developments as side-effects. But, it has been in most use by women, since it has been advertised by the manufacturers as the most ideal anabolic and androgenic steroid. Female athletes have started using it to build lean muscles and burn fat in the body. As a result, it aims to improve the performance of the athletes. Anavar is considered as mild steroidal component on women. When compared to other steroidal pills, the androgenic properties in this pill are comparatively less. However before considering any hormonal drug, one should understand about uses, dosage and side-effects.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is also known as Anavarol. Fans of Anavar use this pill, because it aids to promote fat loss in the body. When the user consumes this drug on regular basis, it tremendously increases energy levels in the body. The other fancy advantage of this pill is that it helps to build lean muscles. It has been rated as the best component among other steroids available. The energy levels in the body increase by stimulating phosphocreatine synthesis in the body. This builds protein development in the muscle tissues. Usually due to excessive fat burning, the muscles strength also decreases, in such cases Anavar helps to retain lean muscles in the body. Thus, it provides lean figure and decent muscle cut look.

Although many sport authorities consider it in the form of doping, it is hugely popular among female sports personnel. It helps to increase the muscle strength rigorously n the span of one cycle.


Anavar has been initially sold with the name of oxandrolone. The major property of this drug involves round the fact that, it has low androgenic property. If the androgens are more in composition of drug, then male sexual hormones get enhanced and male characteristics are augmented. The dosage levels of this drug depend on the personal intake. It is suggested that female consume half the quantity which is prescribed to men. In the form of pills, these drugs are sold in 10mg tablets. Like any other steroidal pill, it is a prescription drug only. But, in underground labs and through pharmacies in certain countries like Mexico, this pill can be purchased. It is a Schedule III class of drug which is not easily available in all parts of the world. Through , you can check the dosage levels and legal drugs which are available in your country.


Like every potential drug, Anavar has its own boons and banes. The use of Anavar by pregnant women, nursing women or women who want to conceive should be avoided. The pill might cause wrong effects on the foetus development problems and chances of complicated delivery. The other side-effect is virilisation. Although it shows less androgenic or anabolic properties, still the synthetic drug causes male characteristic development. The other problems might lead to kidney damage, decrease in size of breast, irregular menstrual cycles and chances of PCOD and in rare conditions, it might cause cardio vascular problems.

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