Introduction of Anadrol and Dianabol

When one mentions the number of options available in the market related to health-related and energy and muscle enhancing substances, the mere enlisting of brands itself would bog you down, let alone the varieties of them, is it not? And with the current torrent trend of getting the ‘perfect bulky-muscled body look’ getting more strong by the day, the inflow of options too are keeping pace with this almost irreversible trend of health and look conscious wave!

Anadrol v/s Dianabol: The Better One? Best Together

Anadrol and Dianabol are two available options in the market today that promise you that ‘sculpted, macho look’ which you happen to see in an Arnold Schwaznegar movie type. These two are steroids that are anabolic (helps in formation of muscles) in nature and they promise to bulk up your body in a very short period of time. Now, which is better is the question that arises? Just like people have separate ‘fan clubs’ pertaining to different celebrities, so is the contest between the superiority of one over the other too as is seen in people who have been regular users of either of the two. Dianabol is significantly stronger than Anadrol .Image result for Introduction of Anadrol and Dianabol

Details of Anadrol and Dianabol

Anadrol has shown some very remarkable results with the consumption of dosages in a relatively higher measure. The very fact that some people have reported an increase of up to 25 pounds in a span of less than eight week speaks of its efficacy. There is no estrogen to fight with during this bulk-building span as Anadrol does not aromatize.

But then all is not completely well either, as it shows some noticeable side effects. Cases of massive bloating, abnormally high blood pressures, general malaise, and nagging headaches can be mentioned as the most commonly reported ones. Even water retention is seen as per reported by most of its consumers.

Dianabol too occupies the same place and respect in the hearts and muscles of its users! It too has, shown mass building though not to the same extent like Anadrol. The only saving grace here could be that people who use Dianabol show much less side effects and is the ‘slow and steady’ way of bulking up your body. There is water retention too, but there is definitely an overall feel of well being, unlike the usage of Anadrol. What possibly puts it on the back front is that the bulk gain does not last for long, as the consumption cycle ends.

Choosing Between The Two

So, what is one to do to get the optimum results in terms of not only achieving but maintaining the bulk for a longer time? One of the most adopted ones is to go for a cycle of consumption of both of these steroids together for a certain time. As the potency would increase when used together, they can be consumed in togetherness along with a liver protectant to protect any undue strain on the body. This is the best possible way to both counteract their respective side effects and most importantly, achieve and retain what you have set for. So, forget their ‘versus’ and use them in unison!

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