Halodrol & Anavar stack

Halodrol is a nutritional supplement and Gaspari Nutrition manufactures this supplement. The motto behind the production of Halodrol is to increase muscle mass especially in the abdomen, improve muscle endurance, and reduce recovery time after a strenuous workout. Many athletes, bodybuilders use Halodrol to obtain flatter, muscular body.

Halodrol is classified as an anabolic, myotrophic and repartitioning agent as it contains a steroid similar to Oral Turinabol (Tbol). This drug also carries Madol, a steroid was developed to yield professional bodybuilders, athletes with PEDs that cannot be detected by standard tests.

Halodrol was not available in the market for some years, but now it is growing as a pro-hormone. It has the ability to convert to testosterone and professed to provide more anabolic potential than endogenous testosterone. However, Halodrol usage is not approved in the United States of America.

How does Halodrol work?

Halodrol is carried through the bloodstream and attached to muscle cell walls. Then, it reacts with cells’ nuclei to stimulate protein synthesis, thus produces new proteins. This process improves muscle mass, strength when combined with protein-rich diet, intense routine workout and makes the body for hard workouts, decreases recovery time.

Function of Halodrol

Bodybuilders and athletes use Halodrol to increase testosterone levels which in turn induces adequate increases in bodily size and shape. It increases muscle fibers. The obvious physical result of the Halodrol is improved vascularity, aggressive muscular pumps, greater muscle size and strength. Though the benefits make Halodrol as a formidable androgen, it also comprises other AAS properties like enhanced oxygen, delivering nutrients to the working muscles to improve endurance, increasing RBC production, makes glycogen restoration in muscles after strenuous exercise for a faster recovery, inhibiting catabolism.

Halodrol doses

Halodrol is not a magic pill to give the results in the next day. It will take a few weeks to see the positive results of Halodrol. As a standalone, the Halodrol dose is 100-150 mg daily which should be taken before exercise. When the users take Halodrol and Anavar stack, 50-100 mg daily dose is recommended. Either Halodrol or Halodrol and Anavar cycle is restricted to 6 weeks of time.

A post cycle therapy is necessary as Halodrol suppresses natural testosterone production. The recommended supplements for 4 weeks usage are N2 Guard, HC Generate ES, and Clomid.


Anavar is the brand name of Oxymetholone, a synthetic anabolic androgenic drug. It has been medically used to treat muscle wasting disease such as HIV, AIDS, burn victims and hypogonadism in men. Anavar benefits the bodybuilders in various ways such as increasing protein synthesis, increasing nitrogen retention, improving strength, not converting into estrogen, helping to lose fat. The Anavar dose for bodybuilding purpose is defined as 20 mg per day for eight weeks cycle whereas for medical treatments up to 20 mg is prescribed by the physician for four weeks. Depends on the patient’s condition, the Anavar dose is adjusted. It is wise to do a deep study about Halodrol and Anavar cycle and stack as the two drugs are stronger. The user may get feedback from the bodybuilders, athletes who have been using these drugs for Performance Enhancement.

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