Extra Tools a Massage Therapist Might Use for Fascia Manipulation

IASM or “Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization” is an additional therapy that involves using profiled edge tools to help is stretching out as assortment of muscle or fascial techniques. This will help get you better results and ease the strain on your body when performing:

  • Fascial manipulation
  • Active release technique
  • Structural integration
  • Trigger point therapy
  • & other therapies on soft tissue

Fascia release tools

These are fascia release tools that your massage therapist might have to aid her in helping you out when you have had no exercise for weeks due to an injury. You thought that you could just jump right into your normal exercise routine at the gym but now you feel worse than ever. The problem is that your fascia is distorted.Image result for Extra Tools a Massage Therapist Might Use for Fascia Manipulation

Understand the fascia

Few people know or understand about fascia, which is a 3 dimensional web of support that inhibits or facilitates movement. Fascia coordinates each and every move of the body. Fascia is a very thin connective tissue that wraps each and every muscle fiber as well as every bundle of muscles, every individual muscle and every group of muscles. It helps with strength and extra coordination.

Activities limited

So after limited activity for any length of time such as an injury, your muscle and the attached fascia become very stiff and harder to move. Forcing the issue which happens at the gym makes the entire situation even worse.

Massage therapist

Often in these cases your massage therapist uses IASM tools that she has available to help stretch out the fascia which will make it easier to start doing flexibility exercises. It would have been better to have gotten your massage before you tried to return to your exercise routine. Your routine exercises would have gone better for your muscles and fascia has they been stretched properly before exercising.

But don’t feel bad – most people don’t know anything about their fascia and the correct way to stretch your muscles and fascia out after being inactive for a long period of time.

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