Experience the strength building effects of Anadrol

One of the strongest contenders for being the best anabolic steroid in the market till date, the Anadrol provides tough competition to components like Dianabol. There is always a debate as to which one is better, as a section of the users refer Anadrol to be superior and vice-versa. Initially, Anadrol50 was used for a series of medical complications like geriatric atrophy and treatment of red blood cell deficiency but later it was recognized as a potent anabolic drug for bulking up and retaining lean muscle mass besides increasing strength.

Recommended cycle period

Multiple benefits, both physical and medicinal, can be obtained from the use of Anadrol which is why it is necessary to run a proper cycle as per the purpose of use. The use of the Anadrol50 product many professional users have experienced an accumulation of mass by about 20 to 30 pounds on an average cycle ranging from four weeks to six weeks. The performance level and strength have also increased significantly than expected which is why it is one of the most preferred components in the steroid industry. However, the instructions for properly taking this product should be followed to the best extent possible to derive the desired outcome.

The cycle period for supplements like Anadrol is mostly determined by the purpose of use, the age of the user, the medical conditions of the user and the dosage intake. Irrespective of whether this steroid is taken in 25mg or 50mg doses, the cycle period should not be exceeded beyond 6 to 8 weeks as it can increase the risk of significant negative impacts on the body. However, in order to derive the optimal outcome from the use of such component the intake period should be restricted to 6 weeks. Most users get to experience the remarkable effects of Anadrol within the first 4 weeks of use.

Proper dosage administration

The guidelines for a medical prescription for the Anadrol varied a lot during the period of the 1950s to 1980s due to the constantly changing provisions of the FDA. The dosages for medical treatment ranged from 2.5mg taken thrice daily up to a level of 30mg per day. Later it became stabilized as per guidelines of the FDA stating its usage for 1 to 2mg per kilo of bodyweight. The component being usually available in a concentration of 50mg tablets, professional athletes and bodybuilders prefer to follow a dosage range of 50mg to 100mg per day with some reaching higher limits of 150mg.

However, for beginners, the instructions for properly taking this product restrict the intake level up to a maximum of 50mg with 25mg being more common as a startup dose. Studies have found out that the 50mg dosage intake is the most suitable and risk-free level beyond which the adverse effects tend to increase at a higher rate than the benefits. Beyond 100mg level, diminishing returns begin to operate and the positive effects derived are the same as that derived from 100mg intake. Therefore, proper medical assistance is required to determine the dosage level with accuracy so that optimum utilization of the component can be made from its consumption.

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