Effect of Garcinia Combagia on Bodyfat

In our day to day life whatever we eat is converted into glucose in our body. From that glucose we gain our strength. However as it is said “excess of anything is bad”, therefore excess glucose in body results to body fat.

Bodies differ

There are different types of bodies with different immunity and metabolism. Now, if two people are eating the same thing doesn’t mean their bodies will react in the same manner. Our body is like a vehicle where for every engine you need different maintenance and fuel.

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People do understand the logic behind intake of excess sugar or glucose. However it is very difficult to curb our taste bud. Some people do realize this fact and if they know they cannot satisfy their taste buds with strict diet they get into physical exercise. Physical exercise alone is good for people who are trying to lose the last few pounds of their body. However people who are termed as obese also need help of supplements.

Let’s understand how bodyfat is created. When we take excess amount of direct sugar which can come from aerated drinks or fruits that have high amount of sucrose or preservatives, our body enzymes immediately start working on them. They start digesting the food from the mouth through saliva before it reaches our stomach. When our body does not need excess sugar it repels thus converting sugars into bodyfat . When we intake more sugar than required it increases our sugar level, eventually, causing diseases like diabetes.

Remove obesity

People who do not have control on their sugar intake slowly gain weight and come under obese category. Obesity is a road full of diseases. Hence it is always suggested to people to keep their body in good shape with good health. There are many supplements that help in reducing weight. However alone a supplement cannot help without exercise and low calorie diet.

Garcinia Combagia is a tropical fruit which is used in the form of supplements. It is considered an ayurvedic medicine which helps in different stomach ailments. Garcinia Combagia has hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that stifles your hunger. Physical exercise and less intake of food help in losing weight. It is always advisable to check the amount of HCA in any Garcinia Combagia supplement because with the amount of HCA, dosage is also decided. With the help of HCA our body stops excess carbohydrates from converting to fat.

It is always recommended to everyone before intaking any supplements one should seek help from a doctor or a physical trainer. Not everybody is capable of taking all medicines and not all bodies respond equally to every supplement.

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