Anabolic steroid that plays a key role in male sexual characteristics

Testosterone is one of the most popular steroids that are used for many purposes. It is a naturally occurring male sex hormone that is actually produced in a man’s testicles. However, in women also, the small amounts of testosterone are produced in ovaries and adrenal system. This Testosterone steroid is used mostly as an injection and is administered to males mainly to treat some conditions that are caused by a lack of testosterone hormones, such as delayed puberty or impotence, or any other hormonal imbalances.

This injection can also be used by women to treat breast cancer that has also spread to other parts of the body. This drug should not be used by the people who are subjected to prostate cancer or breast cancer or a serious heart condition or any severe liver or kidney disease. Use of testosterone by pregnant ladies without doctor recommendation can harm an unborn baby and it can also cause birth defects. So, if you are pregnant or may become pregnant or if you are breastfeeding, then you must not use testosterone without a doctor’s suggestion. Using this testosterone drug in more than prescribed dosage can lead to dangerous and irreversible side effects. It is recommended to take testosterone injections only after consulting a healthcare professional. To know how to get testosterone legally in Italy, check out .

For the purpose of performance enhancement, Testosterone Cypionate dosages would vary depending on the user experience that is based on whether he/she is a beginner/intermediate user or an experienced user. Testosterone Cypionate should be administered weekly at the very least, and they should be optimally administered twice weekly with each injection spaced apart evenly. For beginners, Testosterone Cypionate dosages would range from 300 mg per week – 500 mg per week, and minimum dosage could be even smaller than 300 mg sometimes. For the Intermediate user, Testosterone Cypionate dosage would range from 500 mg per week – 700mg per week.

However, for the intermediate user, it would not be necessary to take more than 500 mg per week as 500 mg per week itself can give him best noticeable results. The user must keep in mind that increasing doses than the maximum dosage will always lead to more side effects. This is the case even for experienced users; they too should not take higher doses for extended periods. However, some advanced users take the dosage as high as 700 mg per week to 1,000 mg per week which is highly not recommended. Even some bodybuilders use extremely high doses of Testosterone Cypionate. For Female users, Testosterone Cypionate Dosage must be kept to a minimum as this drug is strong and androgenic compound causes many side effects and unnecessary effects in females.

High doses of Testosterone causes many side effects like difficulty in breathing, swelling of face, tongue, lips or throat. Some other side effects that are associated with this drug are nausea or vomiting, increased or ongoing erection of the penis, changes in skin color, impotence, decreased amount of semen, ejaculation problems, decrease in testicle size, painful urination or difficult urination, chest pain, jaw pain or shoulder pain, swelling in ankles or feet, rapid weight gain, coughing up blood, increased thirst, increased urination, muscle pain, joint pain, weakness, confusion, restlessness, upper stomach pain and itching. Women users receiving testosterone may develop male characteristics that are irreversible and can experience side effects like acne, male pattern hair growth, changes in menstrual periods, deepened voice, headache, anxiety and increased facial or body hair growth.

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