5 Ways a Recovering Alcoholic in Columbia Can Turn Down a Drink

Since alcohol tends to be a staple in our society when it comes to parties, concerts, celebrations and other festivities, it is important for individuals in recovery to be able to maintain their sobriety at these events. There are many of these events in Columbia which is especially concerning for Drug Rehab Columbia experts. When mingling in these types of social atmospheres, it many times is almost unavoidable to be offered a drink by another attendee. Some may not know how to handle this situation correctly, or the best way to turn it down. Do not fret; there are clever ways to turn down a drink without getting too many questions asked and without being rude.

Here are 5 ways to turn down a drink.

  • Designated Driver – Saying you are a designated driver can be an extremely effective way to turn down a drink. A majority of individuals respect the responsibility of being the designated driver. When communicating you are serving as a designated driver, most will understand completely and not question your reasoning for turning down a drink.
  • Politely Decline – Sometimes simply turning down a drink is enough. While some may question why you would not like one, just be firm and polite about it. You can always resort to one of the other ways to turn down a drink if they are continuing to question why you are turning it down. Image result for 5 Ways a Recovering Alcoholic in Columbia Can Turn Down a Drink
  • Communicate About Your Recovery – Being in recovery is not something to be ashamed of. It is an incredible achievement to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Be proud of your recovery and communicate about it when turning down a drink to let the person know why you are not drinking.
  • Being on a Medication – Alcohol and medications usually do not mix well and most know this. Telling the people offering you drinks that you are on medication and it would not be good to mix the two can be an excellent way to turn down a drink.
  • Hold a Substitute – Holding an alternate drink in your hand throughout the event can be the perfect excuse for not wanting a drink. Just grab one of your favorite sodas, or some other non-alcoholic beverage to sip on while attending. When someone offers you a drink just show them you already have something and are all set.

Use these five ways to help maintain your sobriety at the events you attend. They can help you to enjoy the party, celebration or other festivity without feeling the pressure of having to drink while attending. Remember to never feel obligated to take a drink just because it is offered or to not upset the person. There is always a way to turn it down politely and maintain your recovery.

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