Should you put your interests on your resume?

Many people at the stage of creating a resume, which will later be sent as a response to a job advertisement, wonder whether it is worth putting their interests in the resume. At first glance, it may seem that a potential employer is not interested in our hobbies and there is no point in adding such an abstract. This is not the right approach, however, as a proper description of our hobbies will allow the recruiter to get to know us better. You will learn why it is so important to put your hobbies on your resume later in this article.

Should you put your interests on your resume?

The answer to this question is very simple and always unambiguous - of course! This is important mainly for two reasons. First, the list of hobbies allows us to show the employer from a completely different perspective, a little more human. Then we make it clear that in addition to the fact that we are, for example, a great teacher, banker or sales coordinator, we also have our own hobbies in which we are very good at fulfilling ourselves.

A skillful and interesting narrative about your interests will show the employer that you are 100% involved in all areas of life. Second, hobbies on a resume are an opportunity to stand out from other candidates. There are usually a dozen, a few dozen or even a few hundred people applying for the same position. Thus, the recruiter has to go through dozens of resumes that may look almost identical. It is in your best interest to create a resume that will make the recruiter remember you, and the interest section is the right place to do that. Moreover, it may also happen that a potential employer will have the same interests as you, and therefore will consider you first. We all like to surround ourselves with people with similar interests and similar energy. As you can see, there is nothing worse than neglecting your interests or skipping this section of your resume entirely.

Avoid it!

First, don't go into too much detail about your interests. Remember, this is only a supplement, not the main content of your resume. It is best to describe only two or three types of hobbies that are really important to you and about which you can talk a little more broadly and interestingly. Do not include examples of religion or politics in your interests. You may find that the recruiter's views differ from yours, and the interview will end in disgust. You should also avoid derogatory interests, such as hunting or gambling, because this can immediately put you in a negative light. Don't forget to state the truth about your interests - you may find a recruiter who shares the hobby you describe.

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