CFC Announces the Launch of New Insurance Solution for Nutraceutical Merchants

Specialist lines underwriting agency CFC Underwriting kicked off the New Year with an announcement that it had added an innovative product to its life science suite of products. This new insurance product is specifically designed for nutraceutical businesses in the U.S. More than ever before, interest in health and nutrition-related products are on the rise, which is both exciting and challenging for the nutraceutical businesses themselves.

The nutraceutical industry experiences many obstacles and deals with many risks. According to CFC, the range of these risks are both “traditional and emerging”. These risks often make it very difficult for nutraceutical merchants to secure the services they need to operate smoothly and efficiently; this is one of the many reasons why payment processing services (e.g. nutraceutical merchant account ) and insurance solutions are key to these business’ success.

The CFC’s new product takes into consideration both types of risks (traditional and emerging) and combines them into a single package. According to the CFC, this product includes product liability, commercial general liability and cyber. Businesses are also able to secure broad product recall cover, which protects against accidental contamination, malicious product tampering, cyber malicious product tampering, product extortion and government action.

In the development of this product, special attention was given to cyber. The CFC was careful to tailor the cyber cover in this new policy to address changes to manufacturing infrastructure caused by cyber-attack. Another offer – and anever-growing concern for merchants – is defined cover for extortion, intended to address the increasing threat of ransomware and cybercrime.

“We’ve had a lot of success with our life science and medical devices products, so providing a policy for the growing nutraceutical space felt like a natural next step in developing this suite,” says Life Science Team Leader, Sean Burke.

CFC’s streamlined insurance solution provides a product liability limit of up to $5m and a general liability limit of up to $7m. Premiums start as low as $2,500.

CFA Underwriting, a Lloyd’s MGA specializing in developing and distributing insurance products for niche markets for clients in over 60 countries, is confident that this new product will provide the ideal solution for nutraceutical companies. “We believe we’ve provided a well-rounded policy making it easy for these businesses to get essential coverages like products liability while also addressing emerging risks such as cyber crime, recall events and more.”

Author Bio:Electronic payments expert, Blair Thomas, co-founded eMerchantBroker in 2010. His passions include writing/producing music, and travel. eMerchantBroker is America’s No.1 nutraceutical merchant account company, serving both traditional and high-risk merchants.

Make Mental And Physical Well-Being Your New Normal With These Health Tips

If you’ve been thinking about which steps you can take to optimize your mental and physical well-being, this is the quick reference guide for you. Make corporeal and cognitive well-being your new normal now by using the following strategies:

1. Make Meditation A Daily Ritual.

One of the best ways to take your mental and physical well-being to a new high is by making meditation a daily ritual. This technique is immensely empowering because it enables the practitioner to gain conscious awareness of and control over all of the thought processes that lead to action and habituation. Once you realize that you can consciously, consistently change or amplify specific cognitive patterns so that you are constantly thinking in a creative or life-giving manner, you’ll likely find that you become much healthier and happier.

To get the most out of your meditation practice, you need to do your mental work every single day. There are many ways that you can make meditation a daily ritual, and one is by marrying your meditation practice to another somatic modality that you do each day. Let’s say that you’re already in the habit of taking a fifteen minute walk as soon as you wake up. Try meditating right before the walk until the enterprise comes just as naturally as your walking ritual.

2. Make The Health/Beauty Connection.

In addition to making meditation one of your daily rituals, be sure that you recognize and respond to the reality that the health and beauty realms are connected. Specifically, people who love the way they look tend to have higher levels of self-esteem while also feeling happier. Both high self-esteem and the mood stability generated by sustained feelings of happiness are linked to mental health, and this is why it’s always a good idea to implement beauty strategies which ensure that you like what you see in the morning. One cheap and highly effective beauty strategy you can implement to realize this goal is drinking water all day long. This strategy prevents dehydration and the poor skin quality that can result from it!

3. Don’t Ignore Existing Illnesses.

If you want to feel and look your very best, it’s important to eliminate any painful or otherwise problematic diseases that may be lurking in your body. To take care of the issue, make sure that you obtain a diagnosis and professional, customized treatment services from a credible facility. If you’re in search of digital x-ray imaging services that work, know that the professionals of Middletown Medical Imaging can assist you.


Oftentimes, people fail to implement and stick to health strategies because they’re afraid of change or feel that making behavioral shifts will be too difficult or life-altering. Don’t let these mentalities hold you back from the bliss and joy that will result from making lifestyle changes. Instead, remember that the end result will be a healthier, happier you. With this idea in mind, start implementing the suggested changes outlined in this article!…

Depression, its impact and solution

There was a time when the word depressed was just a word to express one’s current state of mind when something sad happened to him. It used to be a moment or phase which will eventually pass. But nowadays depression is one of the most dangerous mental illness, an illness which should be taken care of. Till this day we cannot actually say that people have taken the seriousness of depression properly. It still remains that phase that will pass soon or tantrums one throws when he or she is upset with something. The realization of depression being a havoc for one’s life is not yet properly dawn upon most of them. But as the number of havoc created by depression or a depressed person is increasing day by day people are getting aware of it and started taking it a little more seriously. Just like any other illness, depression needs cure and proper care.

First and foremost, it is the responsibility of the depressed person himself or herself to understand that it is not an issue which should be taken lightly. Share it like you would do for any other physical illness. Mental health is as important as physical health. If you want to stay fit, you need to be fit both mentally and physically. Stop taking stress in every single thing. Failure happens, but you need to accept it and move on, that is what life is. Be with your family and friends and most importantly share details of your daily life with your closed ones. Share if you had an awesome day and share what happened that the day spend awfully. Share when you are happy, share when you are upset. Treat yourself with luxury vacation time to time and take some little breaks to meet family and friends in between. Take a break from works and studies or whatever you do in your daily life. Having a vacation is as important as studying or going to job every day.

Do not think that you are alone. The problem of depression nowadays are seen among kids and teenagers. The time when you need to lead a life to the fullest that time they are spending being depressed. The key point here is they are being depressed to seek attention, it is an issue of mental health and a massive one which should not be ignored. Love is what we need to cure such mental issues. Being depressed doesn’t mean one is mentally ill. That is a serious blind belief. It should not be a taboo. Going to a psychiatrist doesn’t mean you are a mental patient who cannot be taken seriously. The more we spread awareness the more we will be able to eradicate the blind inane belief regarding depression.

Life is beautiful and precious. It is our right as well as responsibility to lead a healthy life. The grave consequences that comes due to depression should be avoided and for that everyone need to be aware …

What Really Is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine aims to heal the whole person – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – instead of simply curing the symptoms of a disease. Holistic medicine is based on the premise that an individual could attain optimal health with the proper balance in life. A holistic practitioner believes that the mind-body system of an individual is interdependent. Hence, if one part is out of balance, it can affect the other part too. That way if an individual has an imbalance in one area of his/her life – either physical, emotional or spiritual – it could negatively affect the overall well-being of the person.

A holistic therapist may use a wide variety of health care systems to treat his/her patients. These systems can range from conventional medications to alternative therapies such as renowned acupressure courses in London. For example, if a person suffering from a migraine headache visits a holistic practitioner, he or she may use a wide range of therapies to heal the patient. First, the healthcare provider may administer a painkiller to relieve the severe headache of the patient. But the treatment doesn’t stop there. The doctor will take a look at all the potential factors that could lead to a headache such as the sleeping habits, diet, personal problems, and stress levels of the patient. Once the actual cause of the condition is diagnosed, the health care provider will provide certain lifestyle modifications for the patient to follow in order to prevent the condition from recurring.

Principles of Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is based on the principle that unconditional love and support are powerful healers. In fact, an individual is responsible for his or her own well-being through leading a balanced life. Some of the other important principles of this medicine include:

A Patient is a Human Being and Not a Disease

The healing of a patient doesn’t happen in a void. That is because the patient is not a disease but a human being. Hence, healing should be a team approach where the patient and doctor are both involved. The treatment should involve a variety of healthcare practices taking into consideration all aspects of the individual’s life. In fact, the treatment should address and fix the cause of the condition and not just alleviate its symptoms.

Types of Holistic Treatments

The practitioner will use a variety of treatment options to help the patient become responsible for his/her own well-being. That way the patient will achieve optimal health over time. Here are some of the most effective types of holistic treatments. A holistic practitioner may use one or more of these treatments depending on his/her training and experience.

  • Educate the patient on the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve maximum health. Some of the techniques include psychotherapy, exercise, diet, spiritual & relationship counselling and more.
  • Alternative and complementary therapies such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, homoeopathy, naturopathy, and other therapies.
  • Western medicine and surgical procedures.

Holistic Providers

Some of the most common holistic providers include chiropractors, …

All About Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is a safe, gentle and effective process that works with the body’s natural abilities to heal. The process helps relieve symptoms, restore the liveliness of the body and improve your overall health and well-being over time. The technique is safe for kids and pets because it doesn’t have any of the side effects associated with traditional medications. On the other hand, homoeopathy drugs are inexpensive, FDA-regulated and made from all-natural substances. The technique can be used to treat acute illnesses (ear infections, colds, sore throats, migraines) as well as chronic illnesses (depression, asthma, autism, arthritis).

Homoeopathy medications are usually known as “remedies.” They are made from natural ingredients such as minerals and plants – cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly because of this. Homoeopathy drugs are available over the counter most of the time – at health food stores, grocery stores, homoeopathic pharmacies, drug stores and online pharmacies. These remedies are safe for everyone when used as directed by a qualified health care provider – they are also extremely affordable and can be used by nursing and pregnant mothers too. Since the drugs are given in small doses, they don’t cause any unwanted side effects.

Most people confuse homoeopathy with herbal medicine or Chinese medicine since all these therapies use natural substances. But homoeopathy is not a general term for a variety of different therapies that use natural substances. In fact, homoeopathy is a unique therapeutic system that has its own advantages to the body. Anyone can learn to safely treat mild conditions at home using this effective therapy by completing a homeopathy course. But if the condition is severe or life-threatening, you should see a professional at all times.

The Difference Between Homoeopathy And Conventional Medicines

In nature, there is a law known as the “Law of Similars.” This natural law is that “like cures like” – a medicine can cure a patient if the same medicine can result in a similar sickness in a healthy individual. For example, your eyes might burn, water, and itch when you peel an onion. Most people begin to have a runny nose and sneeze under such circumstances. Since you have the same symptoms during an allergy attack or cold, a homoeopathic micro-dose of Allium cepa (red onion) can help your body heal itself effectively. This is the rule that is used in homoeopathy.

In homoeopathy, symptoms are regarded as a healthy attempt of the body to restore itself to balance. That is why a homoeopath would choose a remedy that supports the symptoms of the body rather than trying to suppress the symptoms. This is in contrast to conventional medicine where a hayfever or common cold sufferer is given an antihistamine to artificially dry up the watery eyes and runny nose. Such medications have their own side effects such as constipation and sleepiness. The correct dose of homoeopathic medications will help the sufferer become healthy without any side effects in the process.

On the other hand, homoeopathy recognises that each sufferer will exhibit …

Gynecomastia Treatment With no Surgery Male Breast Reduction Pills And Workout routines

Male Breast Fat reduction,Male Breast Reduction,Gynecomastia,Man Boob ReductionGynecomastia Remedy Without Surgery Male Breast Reduction Tablets And Exercises – Have gynecomastia is not a sentence of social death. Effortless and Secure to Use – Gynecomastia tablets are just as easy to use as topical creams, maybe even far more so. In addition, these tablets are secure to consume even on a standard basis (caveat: not all tablets have the exact same formulation so be certain to locate a solution that is all organic and devoid of any preservatives or additives), so it does not pose any threat to your well being. Just as there are goods intended to increase breast size (in females), there are also those that cater to males with the require to minimize theirs. You can visit “Dr Patrick Briggs” to find relevant information.

If the condition is triggered by excess fat in the chest location, then you need to go on a weight loss program. Gynexin, for instance, is a natural gynecomastia remedy that targets fat cells and reduces the lipids to inconsequential levels. Male Gynecomastia is largely treated as a superficial condition that does not have any genuine bearing on a person’s. In fact, you may possibly not even need therapy at all, specifically in circumstances of teenage male breast enlargement The breasts will go back to their typical size and shape inside a 2 to 3 years on their personal.

You can also try option treatments in form of tablets or creams exactly where the expense of the medication is around $60-$70 monthly. Considerably Much less Pricey than Creams – Primarily based on the prevailing prices of breast reduction creams and other equivalent topical therapies nowadays, buyers will be far better off saving income by opting for pills rather. In reality, there are organic tablets that are formulated to a level that can rival high-priced prescriptive narcotics. Not all gynecomastia tablets are developed equal, though, that is why you have to be certain that you’re consuming the one with no the additives or preservatives.

To these of you who are couch potatoes or want to get rid of your man boobs ASAP nicely you could need to have to resort to surgery. Unless there is a healthcare rationale for it (i.e. if there are calcification and/or cancerous lumps in your breasts), breast reduction surgery is not a quite sensible alternative for acquiring rid of man boobs. Needless to say, I would prefer non-invasive treatment options such as gynecomastia creams and tablets any day more than surgery. Most merchandise are packaged into 30 or 60 tablets for every bottle, which lasts for about a month or two (based on the formulation) of continuous usage.…